CoinMarketCap released a report which indicates a 43.24% growth among female users in Q1 2020.

According to the study, this is compared to a mere 15.5% increase seen in Q4 2019.

18-24 year old rose 65%, with the continents of the Americas and Europe experiencing more than 50% growth. The research highlights an average of more than 80% in growth within some countries throughout Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Greece taking the lead in the global statistics

Argentina leads throughout in Latin America. They experienced a growth of over 98.23%, followed by Colombia with 82.03%, and Venezuela with 80.23%.

Greece stands out with the fastest growth in Europe at 163.67%. They are followed by Romania with 125.09%, Portugal at 89.95%, Ukraine with 86.68%, and Czechia at 85.6%.

In Asia, only Indonesia registered a growth of over 88.92%.

Europe appears to be leading the growth rate among female users, showing 58.55% in Q1 2020, followed by the Americas with 50.59%.

Africa continues to have low numbers in terms of growth at a mere 17.99%.

Chinese users’ decline amid COVID-19 pandemic

Cointelegraph previously reported a significant decrease in users from China. The country fell from 13th to 24th place between January 14 and 25.

It is speculated that this occurred due to the increased censorship from the Chinese Great Firewall.