An omni-chain DeFi protocol says it provides a full suite of services to the crypto community.

ExoniumDEX says that one of the biggest issues surrounding decentralized exchanges is that they aren’t interoperable across various blockchains.

This project’s goal is to ensure that all blockchains can communicate with each other through its proprietary bridge and oracle.

Formerly a centralized exchange, ExoniumDEX is going to offer everything from leverage farming and synthetic assets to on-chain derivatives and a launchpad for new projects.

Those behind ExoniumDEX say they are trying to reach a market that does not have access to brokers — as well as those who don’t meet the requirements to trade stocks and commodities. In their view, the power of decentralization lies in how no one can be discriminated against on the blockchain.

Although the DEX is due to launch on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon to begin with — given how this will fuel community growth during the early stages of development — the option of deploying on Ethereum mainnet is a possibility in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, the team said: “Many DeFi projects have been attempting to attract liquidity without providing a valid use case and token model. Exonium is a major effort to disrupt TradFi and provide liquidity to real world markets using the blockchain.”

It’s been a big 12 months for the project as it transitions to a decentralized exchange — with new developers and business development members helping to build the new venture. Talent from a number of high-profile, successful DeFi protocols are now part of the team.

A pivotal platform

ExoniumDEX is now positioning itself as a pivotal platform in the cryptocurrency space — an environment where all coins can be exchanged easily, irrespective of the blockchain technology that they’ve been built upon.

At the heart of the DEX is tEXO, the platform’s governance token. Owners will be given the chance to vote on proposals concerning the exchange’s future direction, and they’ll be able to approve new asset listings.

To encourage the community to get involved at an early stage, those who stake tEXO will be eligible to receive tokenized versions of FAANG stock — giving them exposure to big brands including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Each are known as a tASSET, which afford the owner price exposure to equities.

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An exciting future

This project believes that a shifting regulatory environment and ever-evolving customer sentiment has the potential to boost the profile of decentralized exchanges. That’s because their transparent nature means code can be inspected at any time, and users remain in full control of their funds.

In the future, ExoniumDEX also believes that decentralized platforms could attract more liquidity and serve as the driving force for cross-chain trading.

However, the team doesn’t anticipate that DEXs will end up replacing their centralized counterparts. Instead, it firmly believes both types of services will be part of the future — and they’ll ultimately coexist with one another.

Stressing that the future of finance belongs to the people, ExoniumDEX says it wants to create a world where savvy investors remain in full control — and offer a compelling alternative to centralized platforms where withdrawals can be paused abruptly.

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