A company providing cloud-based crypto trading software that enables transactions to be completed automatically has unveiled support for another crypto exchange.

TradeSanta says its users can now connect to their Huobi accounts. The exchange is one of the world’s biggest in terms of trading volume — and reportedly serves 5 million clients in 130 countries, including the United States.

Other leading exchanges including Binance, HitBTC, Bittrex, Upbit and Bitfinex are also supported by TradeSanta — with the likes of BitMEX and OKEx set to be added in the not-too-distant future.

According to TradeSanta, there has been growing interest in its automation tools since the service launched back in November 2018. The software specializes in helping traders execute their strategies immediately and without the need for constant supervision.

The company claims there are several advantages for traders who rely on automation. Firstly, orders can be placed up to 100 times faster than what would be possible if they were doing so manually. These tools can also remove emotion from trading decisions, enabling users to think about their strategies ahead of time and refrain from making impulsive orders that could cause them to lose more money. Last but not least, TradeSanta says its aim is to ensure that its community no longer needs to be constantly tethered to their PC or mobile at all times. With cryptocurrency markets remaining active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, automation provides an opportunity for traders to take a step back and tend to their other business interests, enjoy leisure time with loved ones or catch up on some much-needed sleep.

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User-friendly interface

TradeSanta says one of its main priorities has been ensuring that its software is easy for traders of all experience levels to use. Multiple tutorials are available so crypto enthusiasts can develop new skills and make the most of the program’s features, and an intuitive dashboard means that monitoring the performance of a bot is simple. These transparent analytics are also accompanied by handy Telegram notifications that alert traders whenever there have been significant market movements. 

In order to make the most of the vast array of cryptocurrencies on offer, traders these days normally have to go through the arduous process of registering with multiple exchanges. Although remembering all of these usernames and passwords can be difficult enough, mastering each and every interface can be nothing short of a nightmare. Using a TradeSanta trading bot helps to alleviate this problem by delivering a uniform interface and connecting to each of these exchanges through the use of API keys.

TradeSanta claims that a new bot can be created in under five minutes by using one of its preset templates — and, as an alternative, seasoned traders can lovingly develop a customized strategy from scratch if they prefer. At the time of writing, the software boasted more than 17,800 active users and in excess of 5,000 trading bots, with 933,000 deals completed in total. Bots are effortlessly divided into active and inactive subsections, and the TradeSanta app provides an at-a-glance look as to whether bots are working successfully or need attention owing to an error.

Four subscription tiers are available — including a free account that gives users up to two bots, an unlimited number of pairs, access to all trading strategies, Telegram notifications and on-demand support from customer services. Paid plans increase the number of bots that a trader can use simultaneously. The most expensive subscription, at $100 a month, provides an unlimited number of bots — with the added benefit of zero trading fees on the HitBTC exchange.

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