After lurking in investment shadows for a number of years, cryptocurrencies have recently broken out into the mainstream. While Bitcoin hogged most of media attention media and attracted a large portion of newly minted cryptocurrency investors thus far, Blockchain technology has started to garner mainstream interest. Investors in conventional stocks and assets are slowly migrating towards cryptocurrencies. However, those are still very new, very volatile and their market is not easy to navigate. Here is where NaPoleonX comes in. The budding company will merge algorithmic, quantitative asset management with Blockchain technology to make investing in cryptocurrencies more facilitated, secure and profitable.

Conventional trading with smart contracts

In anticipation of broad conventional asset tokenization, the highly experienced NaPoleonX team has innovated the Decentralized Autonomous Fund (DAF) that makes investing in both cryptocurrencies and conventional assets on the same platform possible and robust. As trading bots are posing a real challenge to conventional asset management methods, being more effective and cost-efficient, NaPoleonX is introducing algorithms so that cryptocurrencies can be traded securely and transparently. In short, NaPoleonX is an innovative investment platform devoted to cryptocurrency holders.

In addition to capitalizing on the potentials of asset tokenization and presenting DAFs, NaPoleonX is also introducing the advantages of smart contracts to conventional trading like enhanced security and reduced transaction fees. Up until now, only crypto-traders were able to reap these benefits.

Even though, so far, Bitcoin and Ethereum market capitalization levels only represent a fraction of the market for other assets, that is bound to change. Crypto-trading can expand beyond altcoins and into real assets. This would mean more diversification for investors and an incredible amount of value transfer to the crypto world.

Underlying technology and NPX Token

The platform is described as an algorithmic crypto-asset manager. This means that the trading bots will be designed and operated to make optimal investment decisions for traders. Each DAF uses one or a combination of trading bots to fulfill its purpose.  

NaPoleonX smart contracts will be deployed through the Napoleon Crypto SAS company, which will hold intellectual rights for the first ten DAFs created on the platform. This intellectual property will be shared with NPX token holders. NPX token holders can get access to buy-sell signals and they are entitled to revenues from sub-licensing according to rules and regulations created by the company. Buy and sell signals are provided to NPX token holders in three speeds depending on the proportion of NPX tokens that they hold.

NaPoleonX will give access to DAFs on its platform, some of which may be reserved for more experienced investors and will adhere to specific regulations. These precautions are due to the fact that NaPoleonX is the first platform of its kind to offer very scalable investments (more than $100 mln). It is important to mention that DAFs can be continuously proposed to NPX token holders with a diversity of governance models, Boton consumption and underlying Blockchains.

ICO launch

NaPoleonX answers two questions. The first one relates to the use of Blockchain technology in investment beyond the crypto-world and the second one relates to the merger of conventional and crypto-trading. In Blockchain-based algorithmic asset management, investors will find a solution to both profitability and security.

It is an exciting project, to say the least, that has a leg up on its competitors for many reasons, most important of which being the extensive experience brought forth by its team members. Indeed the seasoned team brings many years of experience in designing and running high-performance trading bots.

NaPoleonX will be fully regulated and licensed, and Napoleon Crypto SAS already has 20 high performing strategies which enable the creation of 10 DAFs. The ICO for this ambitious project will be launched Jan. 22nd and the team is aiming to collect €15 mln.


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