The Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation has set a goal to become Vietnam’s leading blockchain technology provider in five years, local news outlet Viet Nam News reported Oct. 25. The Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation is a development and innovation wing of Vietnam’s largest telecommunications operator Viettel Group.

The Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation was established earlier in October to focus on providing information and communication technology solutions to the governmental and commercial sectors, and to assist in building a digital government.

Speaking at a workshop called “Blockchain at Viettel,” the company’s deputy general director Ngô Vĩnh Quý reportedly said that Viettel is eager to keep pace with development trends, including blockchain technology. Ngô assured that the corporation has the necessary resources, including financing, specialists, and network infrastructure to learn and deploy blockchain. Ngô added:

“Blockchain is an unlimited ecosystem. The most difficult task for Viettel is choosing the most effective blockchain technology that can be applied in daily life.”

Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation has already developed a blockchain-based solution to improve file management in the healthcare sector. The solution purportedly enables the connection of entire medical networks, including the Ministry of Health, provincial health departments, patients, and other related entities on the nationwide level. The model is now awaiting approval from the country’s Ministry of Health.

Some other Asian countries have already deployed blockchain technology in their telecoms networks. South Korea’s largest telephone company, the state-owned KT Corporation, announced the launch of its blockchain-powered commercial network to make it “more secure and transparent” in July. KT plans to allow its individual and corporate clients to store and transfer their digital data with “less hacking risks.”

Also in July, China’s three major telecoms operators — China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom — launched a blockchain research group, which aims to “build a trustworthy blockchain application team to explore the blockchain area” and seeks to increase understanding of “new applications in the area of ​​blockchain digital assets, telecommunication assets and next-generation telecommunication network.”