GameFi is one of the hottest buzzwords in crypto right now — but winning over players has proven to be a bit challenging.

Today, most GameFi projects use the play-to-earn (P2E) model, which focuses primarily on earnings and doesn't pay attention to what matters most: fun features that attract and retain gamers. Some projects have been criticized for offering low-quality gameplay, punctuated by janky graphics and difficult-to-understand controls.

But this project says it has the answers — and has the potential to deliver an immersive product that the crypto community has been waiting for.

Artyfact is the first Web3 gaming metaverse that combines the best of the AAA and GameFi worlds using an innovative play-and-earn (PAE) model that puts gaming experience ahead of earnings. It's promising to offer a virtual gaming world with top-tier graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Within its ecosystem, an array of exciting play-and-earn games can be found, as well as a marketplace for 3D NFTs and top events.

Something for everyone

Artyfact's metaverse consists of two distinctive components, each with a different purpose.

Its urban environment will be home to NFT exhibitions and 3D marketplaces — giving users the chance to trade crypto collectibles, snap up virtual real estate, dress their avatar in eye-catching threads, and attend immersive events including concerts, meetings and shows. With fashion playing a crucial role in the metaverse (and top designer brands unveiling new collections) Artyfact also wants its space to feature virtual runway shows in celebration of beautiful apparel.

Elsewhere, its gaming area is where Artyfact "citizens" can do battle in bespoke arenas. Play-and-earn games spanning a plethora of shooter genres are going to be available — with deathmatch, control points and battle royale just some examples.

Beyond new experiences for users, Artyfact also envisages big changes to the way business is done in the metaverse. Virtual billboards will give owners the opportunity to make money from advertising, while influencers and brands have the chance to create an even more solid relationship with their audiences in ways that have never been seen before.

Partnerships have already been established with the likes of TruePNL, York St. Capital, Double Protocol, BrandPad, Zelwin Finance, Eternity and Blockchain Invest and others as Artyfact comes to life.

Lots to look forward to

Artyfact says that it now has a working minimum viable product — complete with features that metaverse rivals such as Decentraland or Sandbox don't offer. Demo videos have also been released that show what players can expect, with realistic and eye-catching visuals accompanied by gripping gameplay.

The project has attracted 100,000 followers across its social networks in multiple languages, and has undergone a Certik security audit and KYC checks of its team to give users peace of mind. In addition, the project has recently started its presale on four launchpads.

And while there have been many achievements to celebrate so far, the hard work doesn't end here. Artyfact's beta launch is scheduled to take place in the next six months.

Besides that, the project's founder, Oleg Boytsov says:

"Our lives have become increasingly digital — with many of us spending 50% of our time online… if not more. But right now, the biggest games, social media and blockchain platforms are failing to fully embrace the potential of NFTs and Web3 — and this is what Artyfact intends to fix."

Artyfact has been integrated with Binance Smart Chain to ensure transactions are processed quickly, complete with low fees and high levels of security.

This material is provided in partnership with Artyfact

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