The world of cryptocurrencies figured prominently in the newest episode of the Showtime series Billions, which was broadcast on Sunday. The story revolved around a crypto mining scheme in a preparatory school. 

Notably, the episode was written by Ben Mezrich, the author of Bitcoin Billionaires. The book tells the story of the Winklevoss twins. Mezrich teased his participation via Twitter:

“Billions this Sunday night ... I’m not sayin’ there’s definitely gonna be some Bitcoin… I’m just saying I did happen to write the episode ... I mean, just sayin’...”

Mining farm inside the dorm of a school 

The plot told the story of Gordie Axelrod, the son of billionaire hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod, who was operating a Bitcoin (BTC) mining farm in the dormitory of his preparatory school. The principal accused him of damaging the electrical supply to the school.

As for the infrastructure Gordie set up inside his bedroom, the mining farm generated almost 24 kilowatts per hour. However, Axelrod’s son claimed that a surge knocked out the power, rather than the mining farm.

Cryptos featured throughout the series’s new season

This is not the first time that cryptocurrencies were featured in the new season of Billions.

Cointelegraph wrote about an earlier episode surrounding a group of cryptocurrency miners operating an illegal Bitcoin farm.