The world’s first Blockchain-based insurance marketplace, InsureX, is set to launch an ICO in July 2017 in a bid to raise at least 2200 ETH. The first in a large number of token sales set to launch in the next few weeks, London-headquartered InsureX intends to use the funds to create a trading platform specifically for insurance products.

“Blockchain technology presents an exciting opportunity to disrupt the insurance industry,” CEO Ingemar Svensson said in a press release Thursday. Citing Allianz insurance data, he continued: “Preliminary estimates are that gross written premiums generated by insurers contribute 3.5 trillion or 5.7 percent of the global GDP - that is a massive opportunity.”

In addition to finding products themselves, InsureX will offer a secure exchange of confidential documents and other data on the platform, which operates in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format. The insurance industry is already slated for change, thanks to Blockchain solutions with products such as IBM Blockchain built on a hyperledger seeking to streamline common processes.

“Currently, insurance is traded and processed in traditional ways, often manually and with layers of intermediaries,” Svensson continues. “As part of the typical insurance deal, a large amount of documents and data have to be exchanged, which in a manual system introduces cost, delays and errors to the process.”

The ICO will go live on July 11, with IXT tokens initially sold at an ambitious rate of 1.125 IXT per ETH, increasing to 1.757 per ETH as the sale continues through until July 31.