Xotika.TV is a unique Bitcoin-only adult entertainment site featuring live models, broadcasts, chat and a 100% Bitcoin-based tipping and payout infrastructure.

Xotika.TV features chat rooms where users may communicate with models and each other for free. Models can also perform shows for free, but most often request tips, which vary depending on the user’s request. A range of nonmodel pages, such as forum-like groups, is currently in development.

Xotika.TV’s central goal is to create an entirely Bitcoin-run adult entertainment platform. Users tip models in BTC, models cash out in BTC, and all internal transactions are carried out in BTC.

The lack of credit cards and fiat currency allows greater flexibility for both models and users. Models receive earnings (minus any hosting fees) within hours rather than weeks, there are no subscriptions, and all parties have full control over deposited funds. Models are free to cash out at any time. Users are also free to deposit any amount of BTC, which on the site is converted to “credits” for using with models.


The project is being rapidly expanded, with increased chat facilities and functionality being added daily. Users also discuss Bitcoin more generally and educate models previously unaware of digital currency.

Studios and professional broadcasters are able to use Xotika’s real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) server with an external link, which in turn allows them to access advanced camera settings using streaming software.

Long-term, it is intended for Bitcoin-only adult entertainment, free from subscriptions, entirely anonymous, and presented to a global audience as a more transparent alternative to the current industry. Financial flexibility and openness, coupled with privacy and top-end security, will allow Xotika to disrupt the traditional adult industry, even removing the various stigmas that have become endemic in fiat-based pay services.

Models (or any other broadcasting party) are subject to vetting before being permitted to use Xotika. This system is primarily to avoid illegal content being hosted.

High-end Java and two-factor authentication protect both the integrity of the website and the funds deposited by users and stored by models. The framework is built entirely in-house, with Xotika not relying on third-party infrastructure to ensure its stability.

Connections are secured with ECDH (elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman) and AES 128 — an anonymous key agreement protocol that allows two parties, each having an elliptic curve public-private key pair, to establish a shared secret over an insecure channel.

For users

Xotika works on a credits system. Users deposit BTC to their wallet, which then becomes a source of credits with which to pay for services.

1 credit = 1 millibitcoin (mBTC), one thousandth of a bitcoin. The site is denominated in mBTC.

The minimum deposit amount is 1mBTC, and there is no maximum deposit amount.

For models

Models receive credits to their wallet shortly following payment by the user. Revenues are currently split 50/50 between the model and Xotika, rising to up to 65% as popularity increases. 

Xotika.TV was given an initial launch in early 2015 and is currently undergoing major expansion. With the majority of its team based in Europe, it aims to include as diverse an audience and broadcaster base as possible through the development of new features on an “open platform” basis for the short term.

Cointelegraph reached out to Xotika.TV’s creator and CEO Cristian Cora for more information on the project’s ethos and its place as a disruptive force in adult entertainment.

Cointelegraph: What do you aim to achieve in terms of industry disruption with Xotika.TV?

Cristian Cora: Bitcoin and the blockchain are already a disruptive technology, and direct P2P payments are just the tip of the iceberg.

Most problems in the adult industry are related to payments, banks, chargebacks and fees. We are convinced we can improve all of that and Bitcoin is the way to go.

We find ourselves in a fascinating paradox where on one hand we have to learn from models and performers about their needs, and on the other hand we have to teach them about Bitcoin, exchanges, digital wallets, etc. — the entire ecosystem.

CT: What first got you involved in adult entertainment?

CC: The idea of helping models worldwide take advantage of Bitcoin technology. We find it to be really amazing and now all we want is to share our knowledge and spread the word.

CT: How has feedback been to the initial release so far from customers and models?

CC: Our launch was received with both extreme enthusiasm and also some skepticism (even comments like, “Really? Who would strip for bitcoins?”).

Overall, though, it was better than expected. We still have some bugs to clean up in our beta phase, but we are getting closer and closer to a final release. We are monitoring all aspects of the platform 24/7 and we also carry out some on-the-fly updates, so we count on the bug reports from users.

It was really great to see models testing our platform and at their first chat with random users, they even started talking about Bitcoin. Bitcoin users are pretty enthusiastic, who love giving free advice (especially to hot babes). They want to share their info.

Models are curious and most of them are just learning about Bitcoin right now, so they already have a topic to talk about.

CT: What are you planning to release in future?

CC: We’re focusing on finishing the platform right now. We still have a lot of functions and amazing incentives to add (no spoilers).

We are starting our social media campaigns and getting ready to launch our blog pretty soon, which will be an informative tool where we answer any questions regarding Bitcoin, the models, etc.

We’ll also be putting the finishing touches to some tutorial videos of our website and how to use Bitcoin.