The Electric Coin Company, or ECC, the company overseeing privacy coin Zcash (ZEC), recently unveiled a crypto and financial educational movement called the Crypto in Context program. 

“It is a global effort,” the ECC’s growth vice president, Josh Swihart, confirmed to Cointelegraph in a July 29 email. “We've already supported pilots for Syrian refugees in Turkey, for Arabic speakers across Europe and the Middle East, and for students in Nigeria,” he added.

The movement already has sizeable players on board 

In a July 29 blog post, the ECC announced the launch of its program as a way to bring crypto education to regions which may not currently have the prowess or tools necessary to achieve financial activity away from government and mainstream control and currency. 

The ECC’s program looks to educate, fellowship with and assist such regions on the ins and outs of crypto, already hosting a number of sizable crypto industry players on board the movement. 

“The initial set of partners include Gemini, Flexa, Reciprocity Trading, Messari, Binance, LocalBitcoins, DCG and LEANLAB Education,” Swihart said. “We expect to announce a few other partners in the coming months.”

The ECC hosts big plans for the fall

Already having completed a number of events, including one in South Bronx New York, the ECC’s Crypto in Context program looks toward additional events in the coming months. 

Swihart detailed:

“We are planning the next workshop for the Arabic speaking community in Europe at the end of September, planning another for students in New York City later this year, and recruiting and meeting with various community leaders around the world to plan subsequent workshops.”

Swihart pointed toward the ECC’s website for leaders seeking involvement.

Crypto industry participants have often posited Bitcoin as a hedge against the traditional financial system. Blockchain education provides additional regions with knowledge of the same hedging opportunity.