Zeus Integrated Systems Limited
Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited is a professional IC design firm with our operation centers located in California, USA and Hong Kong.

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

With prior success in BitCoin (SHA-256) ASIC chips, we shifted our focus to Scrypt ASIC chips in 2013 to exploit a new yet promising market. ZeusMiner is dedicated solely to Scrypt based crypto-currency mining.

As a pure Scrypt ASIC miner developer, ZeusMiner is the first in the market that shipped out Scrypt miners globally (starting at the end of Q2, 2014). This has won us a strong head start and competitiveness in the industry.

Until now Zeus miners have been sold to over 70 countries globally. Our distribution channels are reaching to the US, Britain, Hong Kong etc. and the network is still expanding. We have taken a large share (>50%) in this business and we will continue to take the lead with fast evolving miners.

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

ZeusMiner is boasting a galaxy of Scrypt miners with stable and sufficient hashing rates. We’ve updated our products from Batch One to Batch Two, and now we have the newest Batch Three Next Generation low-power miners available for PRE-ORDER right now.

Batch 1: Blizzard, Cyclone, Thunder, Lightning

Batch 2: Blizzard, Hurricanex2, Hurricanex3, Thunderx2, Thunderx3

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

- Blizzard






















Batch 3: Blizzardx6, Hurricanex6, Thunderx6, Lightningx6:


Blizzard X6

Hurricane X6

Thunder X6

Lightning X6









Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

- Lightning X6

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

Next Generation of ZeusMiner Products

ZeusMiner brought to you world’s first 55nm miner with Scrypt-only ASIC. As powerful and economical as it was a month or so ago, we didn’t stop. ZeusMiner team is working around the clock to help you achieve better ROI, either by reducing production cost and provide you with more economical products, or by reducing your operation cost. That’s why we’ve been working effortlessly to evolve our miners.

With increasing hashing rates in the pool, we are sharing the concerns of all Scrypt mining fans. But instead of focusing solely on hashing rates, we tackled a huge issue – POWER!

And we are proud to present 4 brand-new Next Generation Miners after over a month of intense R&D work and repeated testing. The power consumption of our new babies has been cut nearly by HALF making our NX Gen Miners super energy efficient!

These low-power miners will pretty much cut your electricity bill in half! It means you can afford more HASHING RATES with the same amount of power!

The new miners have already attracted a lot of spotlight since we released 2 of them last week. We believe these low-power miners will serve as a new benchmark in the Scrypt mining industry. And we are confident to take bigger market share in the foreseeable future.

We are glad to announce ZeusHost V2.0 with more stable performance than V1.0 was officially online on July 4th.

With ZeusHost, you buy miners from us and we host them in our mining farm. Without taking the miners home, you can sit arrest and get your hash rates at home.

This is a more convenient way for mining fans to collect coins. And we will perfect our performance in this service.

With ZeusHash, you don’t even have to buy miners from us. We are selling pure hashing rates in the cloud.

This is so far the most innovative way of providing mining service to Zeus fans. Place an order, and all you have to do is to check your rates on your computer and see them hashing away for your ROI.

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

With the desire to deliver sustainable hashing rates with minimal cost and risk, ZeusMiner is now seeking for global partners to build a Global Scrypt Mining Network. Anyone with proper resources can apply to become one of our global partners to jointly own and run our mining farms and most importantly, share profits brought by Zeus miners.

This is a chance you should never miss. Within this network we are partners. Within this network you share all profits with ZeusMiner.

Under this plan, you will get Zeus miners at cost price-which is unprecedented, and we will guarantee production and technical support as intellectual investment. In the end, we split the profits.

It’ll be a win-win solution for both of us because it saves you a lot and saves us a lot as well. And we are collecting coins together.

ZeusMiner has an ever growing team and we are all devoting ourselves to the ROI of all Zeus fans. We are most welcoming if you want to be one of us.As a rising star in Scrypt mining industry, ZeusMiner is run by a group of energetic and preemptive 80s/90s all with great passion and professionism in crypto-currency. Our R&D team has 10+ years of experience in ASIC development which guarantees the performance of our chips and miners. And the operation/business team all excels at their own expertise.

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

Can you still recall your excitement when we at ZeusMiner announced pre-orders for our GEN I Pure Scrypt miners in March?

Just two months later, after intensive R&D work and around-the-clock production, we were able to successfully deliver the first generation of Pure Scrypt miners which instantly were a huge success. We shipped miners to over 77 countries worldwide and within only three weeks thousands of pre-orders have been sent out to proud scrypt miners.

Critics had told us that it's impossible to produce ASIC Scrypt miners, but we proved all of them wrong and managed to fabricate the most complicated product lineup for all ASIC mining equipments even beating our own time goal that we had set. In May 2014 the age of ASIC Scrypt mining started.

We at Zeus are proud being the first company who has honored its commitment that we vowed to our customers - to produce a great miner in record time and deliver it safely worldwide.

Now months later, unfortunately not many companies could show a similar success and many of them disappointed completely.

With ZeusMiner, customers are always the top priority. We share the feelings and needs of all our customers. That’s why we never stop our efforts in delivering more powerful and more profitable miners for your ROI.

We believe some of you still own your original Blizzard, Cyclone, Thunder or even our big boy, the Lightning with great hashing power.

Since day one we have never ceased trying to improve our products – producing better and better miners, knowing there is always room for improvement and new technologies. Even our first GEN miners required energy consumption that’s not optimal; we worked hard on evolving them and soon were able to present to you the X6 series of low-power miners. We have heard you and we promised you to do better!

The reception of the X6 series by the scrypt community was a phenomenal success and we were happy that all our efforts to step up and work harder proved worthy.

Our second generation – the ZeusMiner X6 series were able to cut down power consumption by approx. 40% and that means much less cost for you, especially during a time when hashrate increased a lot.

With ZeusMiner X6 miners, hashing power increased while energy consumption went down significantly, that’s why Lightning X6 with 40 Mh/s but only 960 W of power was sold out within only 2 weeks.

From Gen I to Gen II, ZeusMiner has delivered its Scrypt miners to 77 countries all over 5 continents. Thousands of our miners are now hashing coins 24/7 all around the globe making ZeusMiner the most desired Scrypt miner around on this planet.

We appreciate your support and trust and can't thank you enough. We would not have achieved it without you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

So, what’s next?

ZeusMiner GEN III is ready to break out…


300 Mh/s PURE SCRYPT POWER at only 1000 W

We had evolved our own ZeusChip – each one has now the hasing power of a Blizzard X3 – maximizing the hashing power while at the same time minimize electricity consumption.

Chips are the key for successful power mining. Each time a new mining revolution has started it’s because of highly improved chip power.

We have also completely redesigned our miners to optimize performance for THE VOLCANO. We have improved a lot in the airflow department while managed to keep the noise down. More details will be revealed later....

Aside from that, a revolutionary board design has been made to accompany much more powerful chips and decrease power consumption. Miner designs will forever be changed.

As competitors are always eager to copy our clever R&D design ideas we will reveal the finished design when the release date gets closer.

Be surprised, the Zeus Revolution has started! The VOLCANO IS ERUPTING!

A much faster, quieter and cooler miner with 300 Mh/s of Pure Scrypt hashing power – it will gain you the fastest ROI!

We are launching the VOLCANO FOR A CRUSHING LOW PRICE OF ONLY: $1,699

For the first 500 units ordered we give you a special, super low price of only $ 1,599

As orders come in quickly, better hurry up!

Now the best part.... peace of mind:

Shipment starts Q4 and we guarantee it!!!!

How, you might ask?

We are aware that some companies failed miserably to deliver their products and have hurt many of you who are still fighting to get back their refunds. We at Zeus proved already twice, with GEN I and GEN II, that we can pull it off.

We guarantee to deliver VOLCANO by the end of Q4 2014 and we will stick to our promise.

We came up with a deal which would be tough for us to swallow, but which shows you the confidence we have to make it happen once again for our GEN III miners.

We will give you ONE EXTRA VOLCANO (or equivalent of 300Mh/s hashing power) if:

  1. Start of the shipment is delayed for more than 1 month; or
  2. Power consumption is 50% higher than the promised by us (100% for TWO extra, 150% for THREE!)

This insane FAIL SAFE guarantee is unique in any miner manufacturer.

We at ZEUS won't fail – We at ZEUS deliver what we promise!