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APF Coin (APFC), the digital currency of APF Digital Agrifung CR, a subsidiary of APF Group, was listed on the P2B cryptocurrency exchange on June 6.

About APF and the project’s goals

APF (Agrarni pudni fond) is a startup founded in May 2020 and part of APF Group. As a real estate broker specializing in agricultural land, APF focuses on farmland investments. They have expertise in selecting suitable land for investment, determining market prices and future yields, and selling land under favorable conditions.

With a track record of successful transactions and an average gross yield of around 20% per annum, APF can secure future yields through forward purchase agreements. Its Portfolio Manager has been recognized as the best real estate broker in the country and has completed over 1,400 client transactions.

APF works with real demand in specific locations, focusing on undervalued land with favorable qualities. It aims for stable returns, collaborating with a real estate agency to sell the selected plots. APF stays responsive to market demand, interested parties’ requirements, and changes in macroeconomic and legislative conditions.


Through its extensive database of potential buyers, created through active trading and cooperation with the real estate agency, APF effectively offers agricultural land using various marketing channels.

The project utilizes entrusted funds and APF Coin sales to acquire agricultural land and invest in agriculture, food and related industries, promoting sustainable growth in the sector.

Investments with a high probability of success in the APF token

APF Coin (APFC) is an Ethereum-based stable token created for the APF Digital Agrifund CR project. It operates on the Ethereum mainnet and can be held and transferred using the MetaMask electronic wallet.

The distribution of APFC tokens involves a total issuance of 250,000,000 coins. During the initial coin offering (ICO), 70% of the base, equivalent to 175,000,000 units, will be  available to the public. These tokens will be listed on the HitBTC crypto exchange, with the ICO from May 2023. The initial price of 1 APFC is set at $0.2.

The remaining 75,000,000 APFC tokens are reserved for the company’s liquidity management.

The funds raised from the sale of APFC tokens primarily serve the purpose of purchasing agricultural land within the Czech Republic. The value of the deposit cover will be regularly communicated to token holders through the company’s website, ensuring transparency and keeping investors informed about the project’s performance.

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