Swaraj has announced its preparedness to launch a multi-utility token, and this will provide numerous opportunities for crypto investors and traders. Online gaming is estimated to be worth over $135 billion and it keeps increasing swiftly. With the current hype around nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the general crypto market, the Swaraj team believes now is the best time to introduce their utility token to the crypto community. 

Details about Swaraj utility token

Swaraj coin (SWRJ) is the primary token of the Swaraj metaverse. It is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Polygon blockchain developed to be immutable, safe, transparent, quick and with a meager transaction cost.

Swaraj has and will be partnering with numerous game studios, indie game developers and also developing several games in their metaverse at the same time. The token is scheduled for launch in February 2022.

The Swaraj ecosystem will be filled with opportunities for users to earn passive income by staking Swaraj coins and NFTs.  

Once the metaverse is launched, there will be two types of games for players to explore:

  • Games developed by Swaraj in partnership with top game developers; these kinds of games will be free-to-play. Players can earn G-Tokens for completing missions.
  • And the others would be games developed by community landowners and leaseholders (people who purchase land NFTs).

It is important to note that these games can be free to play or pay-to-earn types. It all depends on the individual developer’s interests.

Other offers to look out for include

Future sales of the limited edition 10000 NFT Deviant series that can be used as avatars in the metaverse. There are also 100 Sentinel smart NFTs with artificial intelligence skills that holders can use in the metaverse and 5000 NFT Orion’s realm virtual lands.

Another important thing that all holders should be on the lookout for is the G-Token. It will be the DAO of the future and will serve as the governance token that will be used to bring Swaraj's vision of decentralization into reality. 

Swaraj’s outstanding features

  • Decentralized 
  • Play-to-earn/free-to-play
  • Governance token
  • Swaraj metaverse
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Anti-dump
  • Staking pool
  • Metaverse council
  • Smart NFTs with AI skills
  • Tools for creators to develop games and NFTs

About Swaraj

Swaraj is a decentralized, community-driven metaverse network focusing on the notion of self-rule or self-governance. It is an ecosystem that creates an opportunity for users and developers to come together and build micro-verses within the network powered by the Polygon ecosystem.

Swaraj metaverse promises to provide its holders with unending creative freedom as a self-rule network. This is because their products and services in real-time will be interconnected to the metaverse, resulting in an unprecedented degree of immersive player experience. Holders will use the metaverse for both commercial and private purposes with different ways to monetize their creation on the blockchain network.

Also, the metaverse will give everyone the privilege to reclaim authority over their assets, and they'll also be able to sell and lease items while at the same time providing an ecosystem for every person to transact with a global community across the world.

Social links

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/swarajcoinofficial

Media contacts

Company name: Swaraj Inc.

Contact Person: Razzil Darkbrew, CEO

Website: https://www.swarajcoin.com/

Company Email: info@swarajcoin.com