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Telechat, is launching a unique messaging application that brings easier payments with the use of decentralized technology. Differentiating itself by focusing on privacy, Telechat aims to provide worldwide access to financial services by using cryptocurrencies, bypassing the need for an intermediary entity. By being decentralized, stable, and global, Telechat seeks to bring value in the blockchain and fintech ecosystem by bringing crypto to the masses becoming the Uber for Crypto.

Telechat utilizes disruptive blockchain technology to deliver a privacy-focused messaging application that provides global payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies

DUBAi, September 24 — Dan Holdings leverages the power of decentralized technology, by launching Telechat, a privacy-focused messaging application that allows users to send money to family and friends as easy as sending messages and images. Equipped with a multicurrency wallet, Telechat implements cryptocurrency transactions in a modern messaging and VOIP application. Users can buy, sell, and transfer digital assets such as The yet to be named Gold backed Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Binance Coin. Intending to replace traditional financial institutions and capture the remittance sector, Telechat seeks to provide a cost-effective option for sending money worldwide.

“We believe fintech is the future, and the future of money is global”, said Danny Oyekan, Chairman at Dan Holdings and Executive Chairman of Telechat. “Cross border remittance services like Moneygram and Western Union are still popular in developing parts of the world such as India and Africa, however, these services charge fees between 10% and 15%. For some people, these fees take a significant part of their salary. Telechat aims to remove that financial burden by bringing global adoption of DeFi technology.

Telechat provides messaging features such as private chats, secret chats, broadcast lists, and both private and public channels for group discussions. The chat features video and voice calls, text and voice messages, stickers, user location sharing, and other forms of media. Aside from connecting people socially, the application additionally connects people financially. Users have an integrated cryptocurrency wallet that supports a variety of significant digital assets.

The stored cryptocurrencies can be sent to anyone anywhere, and even be exchanged into local currencies. Users have real control over their assets as they hold control over their private keys, ensuring that no one else can access or control their wallet. With a friendly and simple interface, users can view their balance and complete transaction history, filled with details such as addresses, recipients, and transaction value.

Data became one of the most valuable assets in the 21st century. Technological corporations misuse the trust people have in them by selling their private data. Most messaging platforms are owned by companies who have previously sold user data to other entities. Disturbed by this notion, Dan Holdings focused heavily on privacy when creating Telechat.

Aside from protecting privacy, financial freedom should be established as well. In a period of global geopolitical uncertainty and a potential recession, people not only require stability but demand it. For this reason, Telechat’s Wallet “Coins App” will provide stability using the yet to be named Gold backed Coin for Payments and Remittances and ensuring stability of the price when sending payments. Telechat also provides its users with control over their private keys. Without using intermediaries, everyone can decide how their assets are stored and whom they are sent to, in the absence of any 3rd-party supervisor.

Additionally, Telechat focused on portability, ensuring that users can manage and access their cryptocurrency wallet no matter where they are, by implementing their messaging solution into a mobile application. By doing so, users don’t have to worry about the security of their wallet nor be restricted to making transactions only when at home. Telechat helps people stay connected throughout the entire day no matter where they are.

Telechat Beta Early Access is now available starting on Android and from October 2019 on iOS devices. With a focus on achieving decentralization, stability, and global adoption, Telechat will reinvent the way we use money.

About Dan Holdings

Dan Holdings is an investment holding firm focused on blockchain technology, fintech, and decentralized finance that operates for two years. With the goal to spread widespread adoption, Dan Holdings delivers products based on blockchain technology by leveraging their experience from both traditional finance and the emerging blockchain industry.

Establishing strong relationships with leading entrepreneurs and investors in the industry, the investment firm created a diverse portfolio of industry-specific projects that have real use cases. Dan Holdings envisions a future where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are regulated, well-adopted, and have a strong role in the global economy.

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