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What is the role of cloudmining within the crypto community?

Many people believe that the cryptocurrency market is ridden with ponzi schemes, cyber theft, scams and a whole lot of risk, especially for the beginner user. What's more, they are often proven right when a Bitcoin company gets “goxed”, or fails or suspends its cloud mining operations, to name a few examples.

But could such failures be a necessary evil in a truly free and open market?

These companies could actually be very helpful for the Bitcoin economy, not only by increasing the sheer number of users or by letting other newcomers learn from their mistakes, but by facilitating innovation and making the ecosystem more resistant to systemic attacks in the long term.

Based on this idea, we would like to know your opinion too.

Are Bitcoin company bankruptcies and failures a necessary evil that will in fact aid the development of a robust Bitcoin ecosystem further down the line?

This is why we have decided to undertake our own market survey.

Thank you for participating in our survey!

Thank you for participating in our survey! We will develop infographics with the results of the survey and send it to all of our participants. If you want to receive the infographics with the results of the survey, please submit your email in the following box.