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Adam Back is a crypto-hacker and cryptographer born in London in 1970 and is currently living in Malta. Adam Back’s hashcash proof-of-work system is used in counterspam technologies and cryptocurrency mining. Adam Back is one of the first people to work on Bitcoin and was contacted by Nakamoto in 2009 to give his thoughts on hashcashes usage in Bitcoin. Adam Back is a founder of the technology company Blockstream, which is one of the main contributors to Bitcoin Core. As Blockstream’s CEO, Adam brought the company into being a leading developer of the Lightning Network, liquid sidechains and other interesting projects. Adam’s contribution to Bitcoin and cryptography development has made him one of the main cryptocurrency experts today. He is actively doing talks on such topics as privacy, scaling and the future development of Bitcoin.

Altcoin watch
Bitstamp has given users with Bitcoins in August their equivalent balance in Bitcoin Cash, but trading is not starting.
Bitstamp Gives Users Bitcoin Cash But ‘Postpones’ Trading Indefinitely
William Suberg
Rootstock has unofficially confirmed it will launch in December this year once SegWit2x has played out.
Rootstock CEO Confirms Launch ‘By December’ After SegWit2x Hard Fork
William Suberg
Much Wow
Blockstream’s Blockchain Satellite has forwarded its first transaction.
Bitcoin In Space: Blockchain Satellite Receives First Transaction
Adam Back says the Bitcoin community should deploy a “moratorium” on SegWit2x to avoid a second fork.
Delay SegWit2x 6 Months to Work on SegWit, Lightning: Adam Back
William Suberg
Blockstream is making further connections with BitTorrent as ex-chief architect Arvid Norberg becomes a software engineer.
Blockstream Meets BitTorrent: Lightning Micropayments Suggested to CEO Cohen
William Suberg
Two leading cryptocurrency entrepreneurs have said they “look forward” to Bitcoin transaction fees being up to $1,000.
Ari Paul, Tuur Demeester ‘Look Forward’ To Up To $1k Bitcoin Fees
William Suberg
Adam Back has said Bitcoin could attract $100 transaction fees that users would be happy to pay.
Bitcoin Users Would Pay Up To $100 Fees: Adam Back, Bruce Fenton
William Suberg
Is the scaling effort leading to Bitcoin’s privatization? accuses Blockstream of crippling Bitcoin for financial gain.
Bitcoin’s Possible Privatization: Has Blockstream Created Problem to Provide Solution?
Olusegun Ogundeji

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