Aeternity is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum. Its primal idea is to improve the scalability of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The main feature that defines Aeternity is moving smart contracts procedures out of the blockchain and taking it to the private channels of the contract-involved agents. Those channels existence takes a lot of stress off the main blockchain. It also helps with privacy problems keeping all the information inside of the private chain. Aeternity also has a feature of decentralized oracle that would make outside data immutable in the Aeternity blockchain.

Aeternity uses a hybrid of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake algorithms. It uses POF as a mining consensus protocol and a POS to govern the Aeternity ecosystem based on proportions of AE owned by users. Aeternity aims to get mobile users into the network by making new mobile dapps and blockchain features easy to use.

Nikola Stojanow has launched a €100 million venture capital fund to support blockchain opportunities in underdeveloped regions of Europe, Asia, MENA and Africa.
Aeternity Co-Founder Raising €100M VC Fund Focused on Emerging Markets
Jack Martin
Aeternity has launched a crypto-powered social monetization tool allowing content creators to instantly accept tips via web browser or mobile.
Aeternity Launches Crypto Tipping Platform for Social Creators
Samuel Haig
Indian state government-led blockchain accelerator T-Block partners with Aeternity, Harmony, and Matic Network to ramp up blockchain growth.
Indian State Gov’t Partners With Blockchain Firms to Drive Tech Growth
Mohammad Musharraf

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