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Airbnb is an online platform for posting, searching and short-term leasing or renting of private property worldwide. The service was launched by Brian Chesky (CEO), Joe Gebbia (CPO) and Nathan Blecharczyk (CTO) in 2008. The company is not an owner of any real estate itself, it just works as a mediator between lessors and lessees and receives a percentage service fee in conjunction with every booking. Airbnb’s Bitcoin involvement started in 2014, when the company showed its interest in using blockchain technologies for the realization of its services for the first time. Some news also points out what risks might await services such as Airbnb if blockchain technologies continue to develop. Also, in 2016, in a survey conducted by one of the founders, it was discovered that most users would like Airbnb to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.
Why are online travel booking services not accepting Bitcoin just yet?
Why Expedia, Airbnb, Don’t Accept Bitcoin Yet
Guest Author
Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, asked the Airbnb community on social media which applications or platforms its users would like to see launched in 2...
Most Airbnb Users Want Bitcoin Payment Integration in 2017, Asked by CEO Chesky
Joseph Young
Can Blockchain break Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, eBay and the like? The answer we want to give for the currently discussed Blockchain interpretation is ‘so far, no’...
Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, eBay: How Blockchain Can Break Data Monopolists
Benedikt Herudek
Luis Fernando Molina, the chief executive and founder of, has released a whitepaper on the “Internet of People”. The concept offers an alternative wa...
“Internet of People”: How Blockchain Could Improve Uber, Airbnb and Other Services
Niall Maye
The advantages and the limitations of using the blockchain technology to optimize products and services are the reasons behind “unicorn” startups such as Airbnb...
“Unicorns” and Investors Are Gearing Towards Blockchain
Joseph Young
Airbnb has hired a team of engineers from CoinChange, a company that is responsible for ChangeTip. However, no venturing into Bitcoin or Blockchain is on the ho...
Airbnb: Acquisition Of Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Does Not Mean Bitcoin Or Blockchain Foray
Shivdeep Dhaliwal
Don Tapscott, explains how the Blockchain could replace services like Uber and Airbnb.
The Next Step: How Blockchain Could Disrupt Uber, Airbnb, and iTunes
Amelia Tomasicchio
Private accommodation giant Airbnb is taking an increasing interest in blockchain technology – and has invited Coinbase to give a talk at its San Francisco head...
Airbnb Warming to Bitcoin, Invites Coinbase to HQ
William Suberg

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