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Money laundering means taking certain steps to make illegal earnings look as if they were earned legally. What is AML? Anti-Money Laundering regulations generally put parameters and requirements in place in an effort to make such activities more difficult and to ward off such behaviors. In line with AML regulation compliance, companies and financial institutions must vet their customers through due-diligence procedures and prove the legal source of a customer’s assets. Such due-diligence measures include requiring money movements larger than a certain threshold to be recorded and disclosed to applicable agencies. While they are not the same as AML, KYC laws — or Known Your Customer laws — are commonly grouped together with it.

It is the responsibility of companies to notify customers about Anti-Money Laundering practices and required procedures. AML is not only considered useful in fighting money laundering itself, but it also helps prevent illegal activities by discovering the source of this money and assists by following criminals through the tracking of financial flows. AML, however, can be a strain on companies.

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Elizabeth Warren is back with an Anti-Money Laundering act that would — among other things — make it mostly illegal for you to use your own crypto wallet.
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Changpeng ‘CZ' Zhao has refuted claims made by the Commodities Futures and Trading Commission in its March 27 complaint against Binance.
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