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Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city in Netherlands. Amsterdam is the main financial center of the Netherlands. Besides this, the city is one of the largest in Europe in terms of the number of banks and corporations and also by the number of tourists. Moreover, for Bitcoin, Amsterdam has all the right conditions for cryptocurrency to flourish there. There are multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain related startups, Bitcoin ATMs, and conferences and meetings, such as the Blockchain Conference Amsterdam or the summit of Bitcoin Foundation, etc. In addition, many local businesses in Amsterdam accept Bitcoin as a payment method, meaning that tourists can save a lot on transactions fees. Also, the city is the location of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, which is a community of crypto-enthusiasts working on a variety of events and projects.
BTC exchange Bitex has partnered with Uruguay-based financial software company Bantotal to expand its cross-border payments offerings in Latin America.
Bitex Partners With Bantotal for More Cross-Border Payments in Latin America
Max Boddy
Amsterdam-based exchange Blockport previously declared bankruptcy after its STO did not reach an expected $1.1 million soft cap.
Dutch Crypto Exchange Blockport to Attempt Relaunch After Bankruptcy Caused by Failed STO
Helen Partz
Historically, massive increases in asset prices during a short period of time has created bubbles which invariably pop.
The Brief History of Bubbles
Guest Author
Steemit goes to Amsterdam for a three-day SteemFest conference. It may usher in other decentralised platforms to introduce true competition as an engine for imp...
Writers, Chefs, Bitcoin Nerds, Car Fanatics Going to Steemit’s First Ever Public Event in Europe
Olusegun Ogundeji
Blockchain Conference Amsterdam is a blockchain event taking place in Amsterdam on June 9th 2016, organised by Fintech Worldwide Ltd, who have run similar confe...
Blockchain Is Gaining Momentum At Blockchain Conference in Amsterdam, June 9th
Charlie McCombie
Entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from the US and Europe gather in Amsterdam to explore the future of decentralization, Bitcoin, the Blockchain, disruptive technolo...
Future of Decentralization to be Explored in Amsterdam
Nina Lyon
The number of Bitcoin merchants has risen, the value of Bitcoin startups has increased and most importantly, awareness of Bitcoin has increased in countries wit...
Seven Cities Leading Bitcoin Adoption in 2015
Joseph Young
Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam "forks" into two versions
Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Founder Booted From Organization, Starts Second Embassy
Aaron van Wirdum

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