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Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city in Netherlands. Amsterdam is the main financial center of the Netherlands. Besides this, the city is one of the largest in Europe in terms of the number of banks and corporations and also by the number of tourists. Moreover, for Bitcoin, Amsterdam has all the right conditions for cryptocurrency to flourish there. There are multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain related startups, Bitcoin ATMs, and conferences and meetings, such as the Blockchain Conference Amsterdam or the summit of Bitcoin Foundation, etc. In addition, many local businesses in Amsterdam accept Bitcoin as a payment method, meaning that tourists can save a lot on transactions fees. Also, the city is the location of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, which is a community of crypto-enthusiasts working on a variety of events and projects.
Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam "forks" into two versions
Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Founder Booted From Organization, Starts Second Embassy
Aaron van Wirdum
Bad news for the Dutch Bitcoin scene: a thief stole two of Amsterdam's Bitcoin-ATMs (BTMs). As of yet, the offenders have not been caught.
Two Bitcoin ATMs Stolen in Amsterdam
Aaron van Wirdum
While in Amsterdam during my vacation in Holland, I did not miss the opportunity to visit almost every local Bitcoin-friendly business participating in the Bits...
My Amsterdam Letdown and Why Bitcoin’s Real Value May Lie Beyond the First World
Allen Scott
The Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam opened its doors just last month on December 12, 2014, and it is already hosting regular events for such companies as OpenBazaa...
The Amsterdam Bitcoin Embassy: ‘A Screen Against the Foundation’
Allen Scott
Several countries have tried to become the “Bitcoin Capital of the World” during the last year, and the competition only seems to be growing. The Isle of Man ma...
Amsterdam Aims to Become Bitcoin Capital of the World
Carlo C
Cointelegraph continues in-depth coverage from Bitcoin2014 Amsterdam.
Exclusive interviews: Experts come together Cryptocurrency’s challenges
William Suberg
The beautiful city of Amsterdam now has a new attraction in addition to its canals, bicycle paths, red-light district, and coffee-shops: a Bitcoin ATM.
Amsterdam Gets its Own Bitcoin ATM
Allen Scott

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