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Analysis is a procedure of dividing a complex topic into several smaller parts in order to improve the understanding of the original question. Analysis is a crucial part of business, economics, computer science, music, math, philosophy and other fields of study. Analysis is widely used in the cryptocurrency industry too. For example, there are numerous kinds of blockchain market analysis made by traders, investors and consultants for improving the understanding of market condition. Analysis of blockchains are mostly performed by computer scientists and developers. Blockchain analysis software helps to gain a better understanding of a cryptocurrency, and to monitor its transactions and risks. Bitcoin analysis tools offer an opportunity of gathering info about transaction time, fees, mining rewards and other important parts of Bitcoin usage for their customers.
Recent on-chain analysis by Glassnode has shown that the current Bitcoin bear cycle is playing out as the worst one in history.
2022 bear market has been the worst on record — Glassnode
Brian Newar
Despite the FUD around stablecoins, the percentage of stablecoins in the total market cap has been growing recently, hitting new all-time highs.
Record stablecoin market share points to crypto upside: JPMorgan
Helen Partz
Market Analysis
One of Ether's on-chain indicators signals the token has entered its bottoming out phase.
Ethereum analyst warns of 'clean fakeout' despite 30% ETH price rebound
Yashu Gola
A rapidly growing crypto market means that hacks and scams are accounting for less overall activity, and their percentage of total usage continues to decline.
Illicit crypto usage as a percent of total usage has fallen: Report
Jesse Coghlan
Market Analysis
New generation Bitcoin mining machines would remain profitable even if the BTC price crashes by another 50%.
Old Bitcoin mining rigs risk 'shutdown' after BTC price slips under $24K
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
Network outages and decreasing smart contract reserves add further downside pressure to SOL price.
Solana price just one breakdown away from a 40% slide in June — here's why
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
ETH’s bullish reversal candlesticks form near a strong support confluence, raising anticipations about a sharp upside retracement ahead.
Ethereum ‘double Doji’ pattern hints at a 50% ETH price rally by September
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
Downside risks for BNB also come from a recent Reuter exposé that claims Binance laundered "at least $2.35 billion in illicit funds."
BNB price risks 40% drop as SEC launches probe against Binance
Yashu Gola

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