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Analysis is a procedure of dividing a complex topic into several smaller parts in order to improve the understanding of the original question. Analysis is a crucial part of business, economics, computer science, music, math, philosophy and other fields of study. Analysis is widely used in the cryptocurrency industry too. For example, there are numerous kinds of blockchain market analysis made by traders, investors and consultants for improving the understanding of market condition. Analysis of blockchains are mostly performed by computer scientists and developers. Blockchain analysis software helps to gain a better understanding of a cryptocurrency, and to monitor its transactions and risks. Bitcoin analysis tools offer an opportunity of gathering info about transaction time, fees, mining rewards and other important parts of Bitcoin usage for their customers.
Bitcoin’s new all-time highs appear to have been triggered by a dramatic reduction in active supply over recent months.
Record whale accumulation precipitated latest all-time high Bitcoin breakout
Brian Newar
Market Analysis
The latest BTC price jump above $65,000 has all the signs of a classic bullish breakout.
Bitcoin price in classic 'Bull Pennant' breakout as BTC whales go on buying spree
Yashu Gola
Digital creators and artists have been able to make a living by selling NFTs for high prices, but how long will this business model last?
Beyond the NFT hype: Creating lasting business models for artists
Rachel Wolfson
Market Analysis
The number of "hodled" and presumably lost Bitcoin tokens continues to surge in sync with the BTC price.
Bitcoin hodling rate reaches 9-month high, boosting hopes of 'bull flag' rally to $70K
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The DOGE price rally appeared after Shiba Inu briefly flipped Dogecoin to become the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.
Dogecoin jumps 44% in one day as traders rotate Shiba Inu profits into DOGE
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
Shiba Inu's massive gains all across October may pare on potential bearish divergence signals and an overvalued relative strength index.
Shiba Inu risks drop with SHIB's 574% October's price rally near exhaustion
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
The previous big launches of Bitcoin-related products on Wall Street were followed by multi-month price slumps.
Wall Street jinx? Traders weigh ‘sell the news’ potential after Bitcoin ETF launch
Yashu Gola
Markets News
The world's leading payment services provider processed $145.60 million worth of Bitcoin trades on the day BTC rallied to its record high of $67,000.
PayPal logs its largest Bitcoin volume since May BTC price crash
Yashu Gola

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