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Apple Inc. is an American transnational IT company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Apple is famous for its products, with most recognizable being the Apple iPhone and Apple Macbook. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in 1976 for the production and distribution of the Apple I personal computer. After successful sales of the Apple II, Apple went public and gained instant financial success. Apple changed the computer industry by providing user-friendly graphical interfaces, wide marketing programs and design features. Today, Apple has the world’s largest revenue for any IT company and is the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer. Apple is often referred to as the world’s most valuable brand, but is also criticized for its labor practices, anti-competitive behavior, the use of sweatshop labor and insufficient data security.

Privacy-oriented web browsers are making a serious dent in the user base of various mainstream surfing platforms like Chrome, Safar and others.
Google Chrome Leads the Pack, but Privacy-Oriented Browsers Gain Traction
Shiraz Jagati
Recent changes to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in iOS may have killed off iPhone ‘burner wallets’.
Did Apple Just Kill Crypto ‘Burner Wallets’?
Michael Kapilkov
Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have opened their arms to blockchain technology — here’s how they compare.
Big Tech in Blockchain: Comparing IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google and More
Gareth Jenkinson
MyEtherWallet has released a mobile app that allows users to buy crypto in 15 seconds flat — but there’s a catch.
MEW App Allows You to Buy Crypto Instantly — But There’s a Catch
Michael Kapilkov
Brave partners with TAP Network to provide its users with access to rewards from 250,000 brands including Amazon, Apple and Netflix.
Brave’s BAT Rewards Can Now be Redeemed at Amazon, Apple and Netflix
Michael Kapilkov
Cybersecurity Experts weigh in on the most secure phone models and 2FA schemes, warn against biometrics.
Cybersecurity Experts Warn Against Popular Phones and Losing Fingers to Criminals
Michael Kapilkov
Hodler’s Digest
Catch up on all the gossip from the World Economic Forum, and find out what Elon Musk *really* thinks about cryptocurrencies.
Telegram Attacks Apple, Musk on Crypto, WEF Debrief: Hodler’s Digest, Jan 20–26
Thomas Simms
Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of cloud-based messenger Telegram, says that Apple’s cloud service iCloud is “now officially a surveillance tool.”
Telegram CEO: Apple’s iCloud Is “Now Officially a Surveillance Tool”
Helen Partz

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