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An asset is any kind of economic resource that can be owned or controlled to produce value. A company’s assets are often recorded on a balance sheet, where the monetary value of an asset is set by an accountant. Assets are widely classified into two major groups – tangible and intangible assets. Tangible assets include vehicles, equipment, real estate, currencies and others. Intangible assets are patents, franchises, trade names, etc. The general interpretation also defines digital assets, software and other computer-based assets as intangible. Some blockchain-based digital assets are called smart assets – cryptocurrency tokens that represent the ownership of some real-world, tangible or intangible asset and are exchanged under the rules of the smart contracts of blockchain it’s based on. Blockchain assets are getting more attention because of their protection from being changed after being recorded in the network.
Proving the provenance of crypto assets could bring investors a step closer to utilizing them alongside traditional financial instruments.
The key to bridging the gap between crypto and TradFi
Chris Jones
Blockchain analytics firm Nansen has released an overview of major cryptocurrency exchanges’ on-chain asset holdings and portfolios in the wake of FTX’s collaps...
FTX debacle sees Nansen take stock of major exchange on-chain holdings
Gareth Jenkinson
A wallet address linked to the Huobi exchange was found transferring 10,000 ETH to Binance and OKX deposit wallets soon after releasing its asset snapshot.
Huobi and under fire for allegedly sharing snapshots using loaned funds
Arijit Sarkar
The CEO of NFT marketplace Magic Eden said NFT creators “need a sustained revenue model,” and with “no way” of currently enforcing royalties, a “new asset class...
Nifty News: Royalty-enforcing NFTs a ‘new asset class,’ South Korea buys NFTs with CBDC and more
Jesse Coghlan
Crypto whale action can affect the price of cryptocurrencies and tracking these whales can offer invaluable and timely insights into price movements.
What are crypto whale trackers and how do they work?
Arunkumar Krishnakumar
The anticipation of the next Bitcoin halving will spark a crypto rally in 2023 regardless of the grim macroeconomic picture, according to hedge fund manager Mar...
Next Bitcoin rally to start in Q2 2023 — Mark Yusko explains why
Marco Castrovilli
The bill addressed stablecoin regulation from the start. Now, the Financial Conduct Authority will be empowered to regulate activities with crypto assets if the...
Amendment to UK financial services bill provides regulation for crypto activities
Derek Andersen
How to crypto
Is owning digitized gold a better option than physical gold? Comtech Gold tokenizes the metal making it more liquid and secure.
What is Comtech Gold (CGO) and how does it work?
Dilip Kumar Patairya

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