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A bank account is an account opened and provided by a bank for an entity or individual for their participation in a cashless money flow or storing of money for further use. There are about eight different types of bank accounts, depending of the purpose of use. Moreover, it is currently possible to check bank accounts online and get all the necessary information without leaving home. Since the cryptocurrency industry has grown and become more popular, many startups related to this technology have appeared. However, because cryptocurrency regulation has not been established in many countries, opening bank accounts for Bitcoin-related businesses can become a difficult task. The specificity of this market means that just a few countries are ready for such financial innovations and just some of them allow opening accounts for that purpose.
A new protocol enables atomic swaps between fiat and crypto — enabling digital assets to be bought directly from a bank account within minutes.
Now, you can buy crypto in minutes — directly from your bank account
Connor Sephton
Major cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced that it now allows its users to use credit cards and bank accounts on the platform.
Poloniex Crypto Exchange Users Can Now Use Cards and Bank Accounts
Adrian Zmudzinski
Crypto lending company BlockFi has lowered the interest rates for their biggest cryptocurrency deposit accounts.
BlockFi Lowers Interest Rates for Top Tier Crypto Deposit Accounts
Ana Alexandre
Only 27 out of 100 banks got ‘Honor Roll’ status during the online security test by OTA which means less than half of top 100 banks in the US scored the accepta...
65% of Banks in the US Failed 2017 in Online Security Test by OTA
Charles Dearing
Finnish law will enable citizens from any EU state to open a dinosaur bank account Finland from January 1, but information-sharing could mean this is a mixed bl...
Finland’s New Law: Bank Account Freedom Means More Data Collection
William Suberg
US-based consumers are faced with substantially high overdraft, monthly, ATM and NSF fees. Storing money in bitcoin wallets is by far a safer investment method ...
As US Citizens Pay $4.7 Bln Just to Maintain Accounts, Bitcoin Wallets Offer Alternative
Joseph Young
Bank accounts for RT News in the UK have been arbitrarily closed. Bank account closure is becoming common in Europe, but Bitcoin cannot be centrally shut down.
Time for RT News to Switch to Bitcoin as NatWest Arbitrarily Closes Its Accounts
Joël Valenzuela
Hundreds of thousands of Greeks have lost their hard-earned savings to government seizure this year, exponentially more than in previous years. Time to get some...
Greece Seizes 500,000 Bank Accounts worth Euro 1.6 Bln, Escape With Bitcoin
Joël Valenzuela

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