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A bank account is an account opened and provided by a bank for an entity or individual for their participation in a cashless money flow or storing of money for further use. There are about eight different types of bank accounts, depending of the purpose of use. Moreover, it is currently possible to check bank accounts online and get all the necessary information without leaving home. Since the cryptocurrency industry has grown and become more popular, many startups related to this technology have appeared. However, because cryptocurrency regulation has not been established in many countries, opening bank accounts for Bitcoin-related businesses can become a difficult task. The specificity of this market means that just a few countries are ready for such financial innovations and just some of them allow opening accounts for that purpose.
Sweden’s largest dealer in gold and silver just got a nasty surprise from the banks in the form of their account being shut down. Time to ditch the old financia...
Largest Swedish Gold Dealer Has Bank Accounts Closed: Time for Bitcoin?
Joël Valenzuela
British banks have turned down 6 million people access to banking services over the past two years. Bitcoin would allow all those unbanked access to valuable fi...
UK Banks Refused 6 Million Citizens Accounts, Bitcoin Doesn’t Refuse Anyone
Joël Valenzuela
Australian Bitcoin exchange CoinTree announces a new option that will allow users to make recurring Bitcoin purchases from their standard bank account.
Australian Exchange CoinTree Adds Regular Bitcoin Purchases Feature
Nina Lyon
George Osborne, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, has to resolve the problem of getting a bank account in the United Kingdom for Bitcoin-related companies. ...
Bitcoin Companies In London Consider George Osborne To Regulate A Problem Of Opening Bank Accounts
Erin Lace
This list of 10 reasons for someone to get started with Bitcoin should help the new-to-intermediate user of Bitcoin get a better understanding of how Bitcoin an...
Top 10 Benefits Bitcoin Provides New Users
Evander Smart
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are for the unbanked – and those who'd like to become unbanked.
9 Ways to Buy Bitcoin without a Bank Account
Amanda B. Johnson
A new service by Living Room of Satoshi allows Australians to send BTC funds direct to a bank account in a single transaction.
Australians Can Now Send Bitcoin Directly to Their Bank Accounts or Anyone Else’s
Charlie Richards
Admittedly, I will lose a lot of purchasing power if the price of a bitcoin falls to US$5. Hell, I've already lost money in Bitcoin – I didn't really get intere...
5 Reasons Why I'd Still Use $5 Bitcoins (Op-Ed)
Amanda B. Johnson

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