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A bank account is an account opened and provided by a bank for an entity or individual for their participation in a cashless money flow or storing of money for further use. There are about eight different types of bank accounts, depending of the purpose of use. Moreover, it is currently possible to check bank accounts online and get all the necessary information without leaving home. Since the cryptocurrency industry has grown and become more popular, many startups related to this technology have appeared. However, because cryptocurrency regulation has not been established in many countries, opening bank accounts for Bitcoin-related businesses can become a difficult task. The specificity of this market means that just a few countries are ready for such financial innovations and just some of them allow opening accounts for that purpose.
This is actually a cautionary tale against spontaneous joint accounts. It really is a good idea to make sure that your funds and identity are secure and separat...
A Cautionary Tale against Spontaneous Joint Bank Accounts
Guest Author
Chinese banks‘ Bitcoin crackdown continues with ICBC’s prohibition of all Bitcoin-related activities using its accounts yesterday.
Largest Chinese Bank Bans Bitcoin from its Accounts
William Suberg
The bank Capital One allowed itself to close the account of one of its customers because of a strange reason – a simple mention of bitcoin crypto currency.
Physical Bank Account Closed Because of Bitcoin

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