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In May 2017, Bitcoin transactions could take up to four days to complete. The only way to make a transaction quicker was to pay a transaction fee, which at the end of 2017 was around $28. The delay and the need to pay fees made Bitcoin impractical for making small purchases, which led to a new Bitcoin-based currency Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

BCH is a cryptocurrency established as a result of the hard fork that took place to manage the scalability problem. Bitcoin Cash has a number of significant differences to Bitcoin: it is advertised as being faster and cheaper to use, the maximum block size is eight megabytes against one in previous Blockchain, and it has an emergency difficulty adjustment feature. Bitcoin Cash also uses 0-conf (or zero-conf) which allows for nearly instant transactions, meaning Bitcoin Cash transactions are almost always confirmed in the next block.

Price Analysis
Bitcoin has resumed its journey toward a new all-time high, and the renewed bullish momentum is pulling altcoin prices higher.
Price analysis 11/16: BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, BCH, LTC, BNB, DOT, ADA, BSV
Rakesh Upadhyay
Users have sent more than $300M BCH through exchanges since Nov. 1, while assets under management at the crypto fund manager's Bitcoin Cash Trust have decreased...
Grayscale’s BCH trust loses $1.6M in value as hard fork begins
Turner Wright
Price Analysis
A few altcoins are trying to start a new up-move even though Bitcoin is struggling to pull above $16,300.
Price analysis 11/13: BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, BCH, LTC, BNB, DOT, ADA, BSV
Rakesh Upadhyay
Bitcoin’s explosive gains are strongly reflected by the number of days it has closed above $16,320.
The Bitcoin price has only been higher than now for 12 days in its history
Joshua Mapperson
With Bitcoin Cash’s Nov. 15 chain split looming, BCH hodlers have deposited more than $300 million worth of the coin into exchanges since the start of the month...
1.5M Bitcoin Cash deposited on exchanges as fork looms
Samuel Haig
Price Analysis
Bitcoin and several altcoins are showing signs of breaking above their overhead resistance levels, which suggests bulls remain in control.
Price analysis 11/11: BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, BCH, BNB, DOT, LTC, ADA, BSV
Rakesh Upadhyay
Markets News
The embattled spin-off of Bitcoin shows little signs of life prior to its hard fork as Bitcoin vastly outstrips its performance.
Bitcoin Cash hits record lows vs. Bitcoin days before hard fork
William Suberg
Price Analysis
Bitcoin price is recovering well from its 6% drop to $14,800, but top altcoins are slow to follow.
Price analysis 11/9: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LINK, BNB, LTC, DOT, ADA, BSV
Rakesh Upadhyay

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