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Bitcoin futures are a type of Bitcoin (BTC) trading that speculates on the upcoming price of the asset. Various BTC futures trading contracts exist with different expirations. Participants buy and sell Bitcoin futures contracts based on how they think Bitcoin’s price will perform in the future. Bitcoin futures contracts can be bought and sold before expiration. Once contracts expire, they are settled, and the holder receives the contracts’ worth in Bitcoin or cash, depending on the trading product and the going market rate for Bitcoin at the time. Cash-settled BTC futures pay out contract holders in cash, while physically settled Bitcoin futures pay out in BTC. 

A number of crypto exchanges offer Bitcoin futures trading. Bitcoin futures also trade on mainstream markets through multiple avenues. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME, offers cash-settled Bitcoin futures, in addition to Bitcoin options on those futures.

Eqonex previously said it was engaged in discussions on the potential merger or takeover options in late 2021.
Bitcoin dated futures with physical settlement go live on Eqonex
Helen Partz
Market Update
Bulls seek to flip $44,000 to support and analysts forecast further upside for BTC, calling the asset “the Amazon of our time.”
Bitcoin bulls aim to solidify control over BTC price by flipping $44K to support
Jordan Finneseth
Running a crypto business is no easy job. And running a crypto exchange might seem like an impossible job to do.
From Morgan Stanley to crypto world: in a conversation with Phemex founder
Chris Jones
Market Analysis
Traders expect BTC to flip $40,000 back to support soon, but derivatives metrics signal that a different outcome could occur.
Bitcoin price closes in on $40K, but pro traders are still skeptical
Marcel Pechman
Declining interest in Bitcoin futures ETFs may have a number of reasons, chief among them the declining price of BTC since the ATH reached in mid-November.
Interest wanes in Bitcoin futures ETF’s as contracts fall below 5K
Brian Newar
Market Update
There is increasing reason to believe that surprise gains, not losses, for Bitcoin will be the conclusion of the current BTC price phase, say analysts.
Bitcoin returns to $42K as bets start favoring ‘short squeeze’ higher for BTC
William Suberg
Market Update
More volatility expected as Bitcoin market sentiment dives to its lowest in almost seven months.
Bitcoin fills $42K December price wick as analyst says ‘party just getting started’
William Suberg
Market Analysis
BTC and altcoins took a severe hit on Dec. 13, but derivatives data suggests traders are watching $46,000 as a signal of whether the current market structure wi...
Data suggests traders view $46,000 as Bitcoin’s final line in the sand
Marcel Pechman

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