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Bitcoin halving is a process of dividing the number of generated rewards per block in order to maintain the total supply of Bitcoin, which will not exceed 21 million. Block rewards are the main engine of Bitcoin mining and, therefore, the main power behind the operation of the network. Bitcoin halving happens every 210,000 blocks and reduces the reward for 50 percent every time in a geometrical progression. The initial block reward in 2009 was 50 Bitcoins, the current Bitcoin reward is 12.5 coins. The next Bitcoin halving is expected to happen in May 2020 and will decrease the reward to 6.25 coins. Bitcoin halving is a crucial part of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, as it is the main algorithm of emission control and a part of what makes Bitcoin successfully maintained without any authority.

Bitfarms, one of the largest Bitcoin miners in the world, believes that many of its best growth opportunities will arise from the upcoming BTC halving.
Bitfarms increases mining pace, generates 411 BTC in September
Helen Partz
Markets News
Bitcoin miners may see “severe” economic consequences from BTC price action staying below $30,000 after the 2024 halving, Glassnode warns.
Bitcoin halving to raise ‘efficient’ BTC mining costs to $30K
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Bitcoin is still down 60% from its November 2021 all-time high, so many traders wonder if the BTC price could crash further in the coming months.
Is Bitcoin price going to crash again?
Yashu Gola
With a global expansion in its sights, a crypto exchange is boasting compelling features for newcomers and professionals alike.
How one high-profile crypto exchange is planning to expand globally
Chris Jones
Markets News
BTC price all-time highs await Bitcoin hodlers before April 2024, says BitQuant — but what happens after will be even bigger.
Bitcoin price all-time high will precede 2024 halving — New prediction
William Suberg
This week’s episode of Market Talks discusses how Bitcoin cycles are changing and how it could impact the upcoming halving.
Bitcoin’s cycles are changing — Bloomberg analyst Jamie Coutts explains how and why
Ray Salmond
This week, The Market Report discusses Bitcoin’s recent dip below $25,000 and what it means for the near future. Was it a discount or a disaster?
Bitcoin at $25K: Discount or disaster?
Marcel Pechman
Canaan vice president Davis Hui believes a supply deficit following the next Bitcoin halving will drive its price past $100,000.
Bitcoin to hit $100K in 2024? Canaan VP weighs up 2024 halving opportunities
Gareth Jenkinson

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