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Bitcoin halving is a process of dividing the number of generated rewards per block in order to maintain the total supply of Bitcoin, which will not exceed 21 million. Block rewards are the main engine of Bitcoin mining and, therefore, the main power behind the operation of the network. Bitcoin halving happens every 210,000 blocks and reduces the reward for 50 percent every time in a geometrical progression. The initial block reward in 2009 was 50 Bitcoins, the current Bitcoin reward is 12.5 coins. The next Bitcoin halving is expected to happen in May 2020 and will decrease the reward to 6.25 coins. Bitcoin halving is a crucial part of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, as it is the main algorithm of emission control and a part of what makes Bitcoin successfully maintained without any authority.

Market Analysis
The analogy appeared in anticipation that Bitcoin could post a 2017-like bull run, in which the price rose by more than 1,900%.
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Market Update
Bitcoin traders are at odds about where the price of BTC may head after it failed to flip the $40,000 level to support.
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Jordan Finneseth
Expert Take
A deep dive into the three bubbles Bitcoin has faced during its existence, and how the BTC halving phenomenon impacts the price.
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New Year Special
Experts in blockchain technology and crypto take on the question of Bitcoin’s path throughout the year 2020.
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New Year Special
Corporations and institutional investors seeking an alternate store of value amid the pandemic crisis drove crypto to new heights in 2020.
Top 10 crypto and blockchain stories of 2020
Andrew Singer
As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, so does mining. But there’s a new trend developing now that has only recently emerged.
From mom’s house to warehouse: Bitcoin mining is going industrial
António Madeira
Do Bitcoin's market cycles depend on its structure as an asset, human psychology or both?
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