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Bitcoin halving is a process of dividing the number of generated rewards per block in order to maintain the total supply of Bitcoin, which will not exceed 21 million. Block rewards are the main engine of Bitcoin mining and, therefore, the main power behind the operation of the network. Bitcoin halving happens every 210,000 blocks and reduces the reward for 50 percent every time in a geometrical progression. The initial block reward in 2009 was 50 Bitcoins, the current Bitcoin reward is 12.5 coins and the process is expected to end in 2024 with all Bitcoins being issued. The next Bitcoin halving is expected to happen in May 2020 and will decrease the reward to 6.25 coins. Bitcoin halving is a crucial part of Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, as it is the main algorithm of emission control and a part of what makes Bitcoin successfully maintained without any authority.
American provider of investment data Weiss Ratings has ranked Bitcoin as “excellent” by assigning it an A- grade.
Weiss Ratings Upgrades Bitcoin to A- Ahead of Halving
Adrian Zmudzinski
Market Analysis
Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV have posted triple-digit gains in 2020 as traders are eyeing the halving events set to take place a month before Bitcoin’s.
BSV and BCH Are Surging With Their Halvings a Month Before Bitcoin
Michaël van de Poppe
Coinbase pushes the “Bitcoin as digital gold” narrative, in a blog post ahead of May’s upcoming halving event.
Coinbase Says Bitcoin Will Become Closer to Digital Gold in 93 Days
Jack Martin
A retrospective by Weiss Ratings suggests Bitcoin price by the time of the May 2020 halving will be more like $12,000 than $12 during its 2012 event.
$12 to $12K: The $100,000 Bitcoin Halving Is Just 100 Days Away
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Bitcoin is an easy winning bet in terms of risk-adjusted returns compared to gold, stocks, bonds and more, Woobull data reveals.
Bitcoin Risk-Adjusted Returns Beat Gold, Stocks After Each Halving
William Suberg
Bitcoin is enjoying more mainstream popularity than ever in terms of Google searches, continuing a trend that sees interest closely tied to price volatility.
Google Searches for Bitcoin Spike After BTC Price Hits 6-Month Lows
William Suberg
Cash App will be buying 16% of Bitcoin’s new supply after the halving if the firm’s buying appetite doesn’t decrease and the asset’s price increase.
At Current Rates, Cash App To Buy 16% of New BTC Supply After Halving
Adrian Zmudzinski
Market Analysis
Updated Bitcoin stock-to-flow model with deviation bands shows a few interesting patterns surrounding previous BTC halvings.
New Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Chart Shows Bearish Periods Precede Halvings
Benjamin Pirus

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