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Bitcoin mining runs Bitcoin’s blockchain. BTC mining is responsible for carrying out transactions, as well as for moving Bitcoin from the asset’s maximum supply into its circulating supply. Bitcoin mining is the peer-to-peer process of adding data onto Bitcoin’s public ledger in order to verify and secure a contract. Groups of recorded transactions are gathered in blocks and then added onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

In short, miners all over the world look to solve complex puzzles on their BTC mining machines in an automated fashion. These machines all compete to find puzzle solutions. When a puzzle is solved, a block is mined and the solver is rewarded a set amount of Bitcoin. A new Bitcoin block is mined every 10 minutes on average. Electrical expenses and other aspects affect Bitcoin mining profitability.

A Bitcoin mining rig is a computer hardware setup designated for BTC mining, whereas a Bitcoin mining farm is a group of mining machines. Mining pools also exist, formed of groups of miners pooling their resources toward a shared mining goal and a shared mining reward.

Markets News
Recent weeks have caused fresh headaches for miners, who at one point were reducing their balances by more than 8,500 BTC per month.
Bitcoin sees first difficulty drop in 2 months as miners sell 8K BTC
William Suberg
Bitcoin mining raises a “set of red flags for any consideration as a sustainable sector,” according to researchers.
Researchers allege Bitcoin’s climate impact closer to ‘digital crude’ than gold
Martin Young
Some governments can negatively impact Bitcoin's environmental footprint by banning BTC mining, according to new data from Cambridge.
Nuclear and gas fastest growing energy sources for Bitcoin mining: Data
Helen Partz
Cory Klippsten, the CEO of Swan Bitcoin, shares his views on how "the competition for liquidity" between Bitcoin and Ethereum will play out after the latter's s...
Is post-Merge Ethereum PoS a threat to Bitcoin's dominance?
Marco Castrovilli
Iris Energy’s filing suggested the company planned to use proceeds from the sale to fund growth initiatives including purchasing mining hardware and developing ...
B. Riley may purchase up to $100M stake in Bitcoin miner Iris Energy
Turner Wright
Compute North’s hosting partner Compass Mining has stated that the firm will continue to operate business as usual at this stage.
BTC mining firm Compute North files for bankruptcy
Brian Quarmby
Markets News
In a recent Twitter Space, Capriole Fund founder Charles Edwards told Cointelegraph that BTC could go lower, but currently reflects “incredible deep value” base...
Bitcoin is trapped in a downtrend, but a ‘trifecta of positives’ screams ‘deep value’
Ray Salmond
A municipality in Norway is using all means necessary to avoid “energy-sucking” Bitcoin miners establishing further operations, citing noise complaints and ener...
Norwegian town wants 'noisy' Bitcoin miner out — CEO responds
Joseph Hall

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