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The price of Bitcoin (BTC) can refer to either the energy cost of maintaining and securing the Bitcoin network through mining or the market value of BTC at a particular moment or over the course of time. Most of the discourse tends to surround the latter. 

Bitcoin is a radically market-driven asset that is not backed by any commodity or central authority. As such, Bitcoin price movements tend to be volatile. Bitcoin’s price today will be different from Bitcoin’s price tomorrow. Ultimately, the price of Bitcoin is the result of the combined activities of a global community of stakeholders including miners, traders and consumers. 

There are various theories on how the market values (or ought to value) the price of BTC, from the supply-based pricing model, which necessitates increasing demand for value to increase, or the efficient-markets hypothesis (EMH), which asserts an ultraefficient, omnipotent marketplace that has already factored in the necessary information, to the stock-to-flow (STF) model, which measures an asset’s scarcity by tracking the ratio between current supply and annual production rate. This last model has attracted many in the BTC community for its thorough analysis and incredibly bullish sentiment.

Markets News
The Bitcoin (BTC) price faces numerous heavy resistance levels in the near term, whale clusters from Whalemap show.
Whale clusters pinpoint 4 critical short-term Bitcoin price levels
Joseph Young
Markets News
$9,000 would be the ideal “buy the dip” opportunity, says Vays, with $7,000 soon to form Bitcoin’s untested 200-week moving average.
Bitcoin price ‘worst-case scenario’ is now $7,000 — trader Tone Vays
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Bears lurk as Bitcoin price is down and $284M in CME BTC options are set to expire on Friday.
Bears reign as 86% of September’s $284M CME Bitcoin options are worthless
Marcel Pechman
Price Analysis
Leading DeFi token Uniswap has seen massive losses recently following in the footsteps of CRV and SUSHI.
Uniswap 57% price crash marks ‘DeFi depression’ for SUSHI, CRV, UNI
Michaël van de Poppe
Markets News
Rising by $200 each month, the 200-week moving average has formed an implied BTC price floor since Bitcoin first appeared in 2009.
Bitcoin 200-week moving average hints price will never go below $6.7K
William Suberg
Social media sentiment for Bitcoin has slumped to two year lows which is good for those wanting to go against the crowd.
Bitcoin FUD and negative social sentiment typically precede a bounce
Martin Young
Market Analysis
Retail traders were rattled by Bitcoin’s $900 drop but BTC options data remains bullish ahead of Friday’s expiry.
Bitcoin options still bullish despite this week’s $900 BTC price drop
Marcel Pechman
Markets News
Earth is reaching a historic “inflection point,” Keiser warns after Singapore’s central bank admits that more debt is not an option for anyone.
Earth needs Bitcoin as economy hits ‘debt saturation point’ — Keiser
William Suberg

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