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Bitcoin (BTC) was invented to challenge the hegemonic order of global finance, so naturally it has had a tense relationship with regulators since its early days. The technical and social roots of cryptocurrency largely stem from communities with a deep distrust of the state. From its design to its driving narratives, Bitcoin is a dissident technology. 

However, due largely to founder anonymity, decentralized development and distributed architecture, Bitcoin has persisted despite early attempts by regulators to suppress the technology. 

Nowadays, the legality of Bitcoin is not as ambiguous, and ongoing regulatory efforts are trying to situate it within finance rather than keep it out — from consumer protection and tax regulation to launching institutional investment vehicles such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The challenge and concern around Bitcoin regulation is how patchwork legislation across jurisdictions may hinder the growth and maturation of the crypto economy that is intended to be a borderless, open financial system. 

In the same interview, ProShares CEO Simeon Hyman opined that regulated futures traded in a 40-act ETF will open the opportunity to get BTC exposure to a lot of...
SEC Chair Gary Gensler responds to concerns about first Bitcoin-linked ETF
Arvin Donner
Markets News
No amount of FUD can keep Bitcoin down, and China has once again given bulls a boost with its bans.
BTC price is up 50% since China ‘selflessly’ banned Bitcoin mining
William Suberg
Users of the Salvadoran government’s Chivo wallet will not be able to see frozen price quotes until the feature has been removed to deter arbitrage scalpers.
El Salvador removes BTC price feed from Chivo app to crack down on arbitrage scalpers
Inigo Vaca
As the crypto space gets all worked up by the impending launch of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, industry leaders are taking it upon themselves to sketch out th...
Law Decoded: Best regulation is self-regulation, Oct. 11–18
Beau Linighan
Market Update
Bitcoin’s price spiked above $61,800 as the promise of a BTC ETF approval reignited the discussion on whether the top-ranked cryptocurrency will hit $100,000 by...
Bitcoin all-time highs ‘just a matter of time’ after a BTC ETF approval looks certain
Jordan Finneseth
Follow up
In a bid to catch up with cybercriminals, the Justice Department is pooling all crypto expertise in one place.
How will DOJ’s new crypto enforcement team change the game for industry players, good and bad?
Kirill Bryanov
The settlement triggered concerns that the CFTC's role in stablecoin regulation could be misunderstood by the public.
CFTC slaps Tether and Bitfinex with a combined $42.5 million fine
Kirill Bryanov
One of the crypto industry's major players seeks to boost the public debate on how to best fit digital assets into the regulatory perimeter.
Coinbase unveils its Digital Asset Policy Proposal to spark conversation around comprehensive crypto regulation
Kirill Bryanov

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