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Bitcoin (BTC) was invented to challenge the hegemonic order of global finance, so naturally it has had a tense relationship with regulators since its early days. The technical and social roots of cryptocurrency largely stem from communities with a deep distrust of the state. From its design to its driving narratives, Bitcoin is a dissident technology. 

However, due largely to founder anonymity, decentralized development and distributed architecture, Bitcoin has persisted despite early attempts by regulators to suppress the technology. 

Nowadays, the legality of Bitcoin is not as ambiguous, and ongoing regulatory efforts are trying to situate it within finance rather than keep it out — from consumer protection and tax regulation to launching institutional investment vehicles such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The challenge and concern around Bitcoin regulation is how patchwork legislation across jurisdictions may hinder the growth and maturation of the crypto economy that is intended to be a borderless, open financial system. 

Expert Take
Not all cryptocurrencies are equal, and Bitcoin’s prior claim among decentralized digital assets makes it special.
Bitcoin stands apart from other crypto, and what that means for US public policy
Guest Authors
Market Analysis
The BTC futures premium flashed a slightly positive reading, but options markets show extreme fear from whales and market markers.
Bitcoin bulls aim to flip $30K to support, but derivatives data show traders lack confidence
Marcel Pechman
Signs pointing to Bitcoin’s steady maturity and growth in the crypto space and beyond are undeniable, making a case for the cryptocurrency being the ultimate di...
The meaningful shift from Bitcoin maximalism to Bitcoin realism
Ben Caselin
Not all the experts are rushing to call the development “groundbreaking,” but it will certainly help the industry combat fraud.
UK court recognizes NFTs as ‘private property’ — What now?
David Attlee
The SEC’s “crypto mom” Hester Peirce has said the regulatory “movement” around stablecoins needs to allow for “trial and error” and room for failure.
SEC’s Hester Peirce says new stablecoin regs need to allow room for failure
Jesse Coghlan
Germany’s Finance Ministry has released new cryptocurrency tax guidelines with no tax payable on gains from BTC and ETH sold 12 months after acquisition.
Germany outlines favorable tax guidelines, gains on BTC and ETH sold after a year tax-free
Gareth Jenkinson
The effort will include issuing guidance for NFTs and ICOs, expanding infrastructure and supporting CBDC research.
Leaked report: South Korea to establish crypto framework by 2024
David Attlee
Market Analysis
Bitcoin leverage traders show little interest in going long even as BTC price flirts with new lows below $29,000.
Bitcoin fights to hold $29K as fear of regulation and Terra’s UST implosion hit crypto hard
Marcel Pechman

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