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Bitconnect is a cryptocurrency-based platform that has described itself as a self-regulated financial system that would brings big benefits to its investors. The Bitconnect coin was a cryptocurrency designed to provide funding for the maintenance of the platform. Strong marketing made Bitconnect’s price one of the fastest growing on the market and the Bitconnect coin hit $463 in December 2017. Large amounts of earned funds were spent on promoting the currency through numerous events, ads, etc. A video of speech by Carlos Matos at one of those events has gone viral and became the source of a Bitconnect meme. However, pretty soon, Bitconnect started to be described as a Ponzi scheme and was ordered to cease and desist by regulators of North Carolina and Texas. On January 2018, Bitconnect experienced a major crash and the Bitconnect exchange shutdown. Bitconnect stopped publishing news, closed their development and almost lost the entire price of the Bitconnect coin.
The Australian is facing six charges that carry penalties of between 2-10 years in prison.
Aussie Bitconnect promoter faces prison following ASIC investigation
Turner Wright
John Bigatton has been barred from providing financial services in Australia for seven years for his involvement with the BitConnect Ponzi scheme.
Top Australian BitConnect promoter banned by ASIC for 7 years
Samuel Haig
Crypto worth billions upon billions of dollars has been lost to fraud. But what are the most common scams, and can they be stopped?
Fraudulent Transactions in Crypto, Explained
Connor Blenkinsop
How to crypto
Experts share their insights on how to best avoid crypto exit scams, highlighting the biggest red flags investors should look out for.
Crypto Exit Scams — How to Avoid Falling Victim
Shiraz Jagati
With a new AML report describing 2019 as the year of the exit scam, Cointelegraph looks at the biggest alleged scams to date and how to spot one...
What Are the Biggest Alleged Crypto Heists and How Much Was Stolen?
Joseph Birch
Indian police have discovered an alleged multi-million dollar cryptocurrency scam involving a BitConnect promoter.
Indian Police Uncover Cryptocurrency Scam Involving BitConnect Promoter
Ana Alexandre
The FBI is attempting to investigate the movements behind the failed alleged ponzi scheme, which at one point was worth $2.5 billion.
FBI Solicits Information From Bitconnect Investors With Voluntary Questionnaire
William Suberg
New Year Special
Scams and frauds were still prevalent in 2018 despite a decline in the cryptocurrency market value.
From Bitconnect to SIM-Swap Swindling: 2018's Biggest Scams
Gareth Jenkinson

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