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BitPesa is a trading platform which helps companies and their customers make payments in Bitcoin to, from and within frontier markets. BitPesa was founded in 2013 in Kenya and currently has representatives in London, Luxembourg, and more. Initially, the BitPesa Bitcoin exchange platform was developed only for transfers of Kenyan citizens to send money to mobile money wallets. Since 2015, it started operating in other African countries with the main purpose of using a decentralized principal of work and relatively low fees to provide people who don’t have bank accounts access to the global economy. At the moment, BitPesa specializes as a payment company that offers real-time settlements at wholesale exchange rates to frontier and emerging markets. There is no BitPesa app, yet, and it is available only on a mobile phone’s browser.
According to a recent report, Africa’s lack of traditional financial infrastructure makes the region fertile ground for cryptocurrency adoption.
Bitcoin May Be the Solution to Africa’s Broken Financial System
Adrian Zmudzinski
13,000 South Korean ATMs will soon facilitate fiat withdrawal and international remittance services using Litecoin.
13,000 ATMs in South Korea to Support Litecoin Withdrawal and Remittances
Samuel Haig
The World Economic Forum has appointed the CEO and founder of BitPesa, Elizabeth Rossiello, to serve as one of two co-chairs of the Global Blockchain Council.
WEF Appoints BitPesa Founder as Co-Chair of Global Council on Blockchain
Marie Huillet
Crypto exchange Huobi has partnered with a Chinese blockchain company JD Cloud to explore blockchain and cloud computing.
Huobi and JD Cloud Sign Cooperation Agreement to Develop Blockchain and Cloud Computing
Ana Alexandre
Visa is in hot competition to serve the unbanked as Blockchain startups such as BitPesa make ever-increasing inroads.
Visa: ‘No One Embraces Digital Currency Benefits More Than Us’
William Suberg
Kenya’s banks are aiming to compete with M-Pesa mobile money transfer with their own product, PesaLink. Their plan is to undercut M-Pesa on fees, but they will ...
Kenya’s Banks Unveil PesaLink to Compete with Investors’ Favourite BitPesa
William Suberg
Leading African bitcoin startup BitPesa secured a US$2.5 million funding round from leading venture capital firms including Draper VC, Blockchain Capital, BnkTo...
Bitcoin Market in Nigeria Prospers With BitPesa at Forefront
Joseph Young
MMM Global hurts Bitcoin business in Africa, Bitpesa Bitcoin exchange warns its users on the need to be cautious.
MMM Global, OneCoin, Others Proving a Concern in Africa’s Bitcoin Market
Olusegun Ogundeji

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