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Bitshares is a decentralized exchange platform that aims to get rid of the need to convert coins to fiat money losing your anonymity. The way of making it real for Bitshares was to establish a cryptocurrency with the value pegged to a real-life asset.

Pegging BitAssets (BTS), Bitshares currency, to fiat money, does not just fix anonymity problems, but also helps with elimination of price volatility - trouble, very common for most of cryptocurrencies on the market. It helps to hold your investments in stable assets during the periods of volatility without the necessity of transferring your money into the fiat paying fees and losing anonymity. BTS is built on core of Graphene high performance blockchain meaning it is capable of operating near 100000 transactions in the future.

Those features may give Bitshares an opportunity to take a part of the market share from traditional institutes.

CryptoBridge, a gateway for decentralized exchange BitShares, announces that as of this month its users will have to undergo mandatory identity checks.
BitShares DEX Gateway CryptoBridge Implements Mandatory KYC for Users
Adrian Zmudzinski
EOS has topped the list of China’s most respected cryptocurrencies despite facing controversy over centralization.
China’s New Cryptocurrency Ratings See BTC Slip While Embattled EOS Maintains Number One
William Suberg
AriseBank must halt all operations involving Texas residents after authorities enforce an order against the alleged ‘cryptocurrency bank.’
Texas Orders Suspected ‘Cryptocurrency Bank’ Scam To Leave State
William Suberg
Everything you wanted to know about PoS: history, problems and solutions
The History and Evolution of Proof-of-Stake
Guest Author
Historically, massive increases in asset prices during a short period of time has created bubbles which invariably pop.
The Brief History of Bubbles
Guest Author
EOS in a fairytale manner growth jumped more than 300 percent to occupy the number nine spot on CoinMarketCap early morning on Monday.
Altcoin EOS Joins Top Crypto League, Surges 321 Percent After ICO Launch
Frisco d'Anconia
Crypviser announced that they would be moving to Bitshare Blockchain. ICOs are now exploring other viable alternatives?
Crypviser Moves to BitShares Blockchain Ditching Ethereum in Process
Shivdeep Dhaliwal
Last week was merely up and downs but the week ended on a very good note with Bitcoin burgeoning again and threatening to hit $3000 soon.
Top 10 Crypto Reshuffle Starring BitShares, Stratis, Monero, Waves
Frisco d'Anconia

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