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Blackcoin is cryptocurrency that appeared after the fork of NovaCoin, which occured in 2014. Blackcoin initially had been using a PoW algorithm but was then was changed for PoS. Due to PoS v 3.0, all Blackcoin holders get rewards in the form of dividends, the amount of which varies from one percent to eight percent yearly. Even though Blackcoin’s price is currently less than a dollar, it nevertheless has two advantages that make this cryptocoin attractive for investors. The first one is the possibility of gaining money just from holding Blackcoin and keeping the program turned on so it can work as a Blackcoin faucet. The second one is the very fast confirmation of transactions, which usually less than a minute. Multipool Blackcoin consists of the computer power of all Blackcoin community members in order to mine other altcoins, which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin and Blackcoin. Blackcoin mining is unavailable because of PoS.
Everything you wanted to know about PoS: history, problems and solutions
The History and Evolution of Proof-of-Stake
Guest Author
BlackCoin’s homepage boasts an elegant, streamlined design while the coin’s declared advantages are not unlike Bitcoin’s itself
618 allows users to pay for literal drinks, coffee or food at local restaurants from anywhere in the world. Soon, it will be incorporating cryptocurrencies...
Local Restaurant 'Gifting' App adding Bitcoin and Alts for Payment
Ian DeMartino
Dutch bitcoin and altcoin brokerage Anycoin Direct expands its instant buying and selling service to an additional fourteen – predominantly Eastern European – c...
Bitcoin Brokerage Anycoin Direct Expands to an Additional 14 European Countries
Aaron van Wirdum
ShapeShift releases the Shifty Button, a tool allowing online merchants to start accepting payments in 11 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and lead...
ShapeShift Releases New Tool Allowing Merchants to Accept Payments in 10+ Cryptocurrencies
Diana Ngo
A failure in its consensus system has caused Stellar to fork, requiring a roll back. Stellar claims that the issue affects Ripple as well, something Ripple deni...
Stellar Switches To Centralized System After Node Issue Causes Accidental Fork
Ian DeMartino
With protests exploding around the world, mesh networks are becoming an increasingly used tool. Blackwave Labs thinks cryptocurrencies can help and they are bui...
Blackwave Labs Is Using Blackcoin To Develop Tools For Protesting 2.0
Ian DeMartino
Popular exchange Bittrex was experimenting with Blackcoin pairs, but today they announced they will be dropping both BlackCoin and Litecoin pairs.
Bittrex To Drop BlackCoin and Litecoin Pairs
Ian DeMartino

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