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Blackcoin is cryptocurrency that appeared after the fork of NovaCoin, which occured in 2014. Blackcoin initially had been using a PoW algorithm but was then was changed for PoS. Due to PoS v 3.0, all Blackcoin holders get rewards in the form of dividends, the amount of which varies from one percent to eight percent yearly. Even though Blackcoin’s price is currently less than a dollar, it nevertheless has two advantages that make this cryptocoin attractive for investors. The first one is the possibility of gaining money just from holding Blackcoin and keeping the program turned on so it can work as a Blackcoin faucet. The second one is the very fast confirmation of transactions, which usually less than a minute. Multipool Blackcoin consists of the computer power of all Blackcoin community members in order to mine other altcoins, which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin and Blackcoin. Blackcoin mining is unavailable because of PoS.
Danish cryptocurrency exchange platform CCEDK announces it has started accepting Darkcoin, allowing the privacy-centered digital currency to gain wider European...
Darkcoin Gains Wider European Exposure, Now Trading at Danish Exchange CCEDK
Diana Ngo
We got a chance to ask Ronny CEO CCEDK about the recent launch of Nubits, his forward-thinking approach to altcoins and 2.0 cryptocurrencies, and the state of B...
If We Can’t Use PayPal 100%, What Is the Purpose Then?” – Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK
Allen Scott
Sports have always seemed like the way Cryptocurrencies can wiggle their way into the mainstream public's heart or at least consciousness. Now, some Cryptocurre...
NXT, Blackcoin and Others Shooting To Take Over Sports
Ian DeMartino
Weekend Roundup by Cointelegraph!
Weekend Roundup: New York Extend BitLicense Deadline, Blackcoin Making Moves, and Australia Issues Tax Guidance
Armand Tanzarian
Blackcoin has been added as a base currency on Bittrex, oh, and some other things happened in Blackcoin as well.
Blackcoin Pairs Added To Bittrex, And Other News
Ian DeMartino
Blackcoin can now be accepted and distributed at Genesis ATMs, the first PoS coin to be accepted by the premium Genesis ATMs.
Blackcoin First PoS Coin on Genesis 1 ATM
Ian DeMartino
Coinsis Is a new entrant into the Bitcoin debit card game, and it appears that they plan to use Blackcoin to stand out from the crowd.
The Coinsis Bitcoin Credit Card Will Also Support Blackcoin
Ian DeMartino
The U.S. based exchange Bittrex is seriously considering dropping its Litecoin Markets in favor of BlackCoin, according to a press release put out by Blackcoin....
Bittrex 'Seriously Considering' Dropping LTC Markets For BlackCoin
Ian DeMartino

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