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Blockchains are the critical infrastructure underlying cryptocurrencies. The common feature of these distributed ledgers is the sequential updating of a cryptographically secure, verifiable transaction record among a network of peers all operating under a certain set of rules enforced through the software itself. This record is owned and operated in common by anyone anywhere. 

While research in shared ledger technology goes back decades, the arrival of the Bitcoin blockchain introduced the first distributed ledger technology that was thoroughly decentralized and resistant to censorship, seizure and collusion. 

Blockchain technology, in its various manifestations including the Ethereum blockchain and others, is ultimately a global consensus system — i.e., it allows people to coordinate and cooperate around a neutral source of information without trusting each other or a central administrator. The use cases are wide-ranging, from finance and energy trading to supply chain management. 

At Cointelegraph, we are chronicling the evolving blockchain industry. Is it revolutionary or overhyped? Or both? Will it become the solution to securing trust in finance and global trade? What will be the rate of blockchain transactions in the coming years?

Stay tuned to find out.

Mysten Labs' engineers formerly created the blockchain network on Facebook's Diem and Novi crypto projects.
Sommelier partners with Mysten Labs to launch Cosmos smart contracts
Tom Farren
Vee Finance says it suffered a $35-million attack just a few days after launching its mainnet on Avalanche last week.
DeFi platform Vee Finance exploited for $35M on Avalanche blockchain
Helen Partz
Market Analysis
Layer-two-based DeFi and DEX platforms have seen an incredible surge in user activity, revenue and total value locked since the launch of Arbitrum and Avalanche...
Data shows parabolic-style growth in layer-two-based DeFi and DEX platforms
Jordan Finneseth
The Boston Blockchain Association has published crypto regulatory advisory guidelines for lawmakers in Massachusetts to consider.
BBA pushes for crypto regulatory clarity in Massachusetts
Osato Avan-Nomayo
The NFT marketplace plans to provide a simple blockchain interoperable NFT marketplace with direct fiat on-and-off ramps and to operate in a gasless ecosystem.
The first NFT marketplace approved on App Store now provides a gasless minting feature
Chris Jones
India’s SMS regulation requires businesses to comply with pre-registered messaging templates to counter spam and fraud.
Indians opt for state-run blockchain platform amid bulk SMS regulations
Arijit Sarkar
The firm uses the Ethereum blockchain to allow traders to invest as little as $150 in expensive real estate properties.
Thai SEC issues license to Ethereum-based real estate project
Helen Partz
The Turkish government’s plans for cryptocurrencies draw a stark contrast to its central bank digital currency intentions.
‘We are at war’ with crypto, says Turkish President Erdoğan
Erhan Kahraman

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