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Blockstream is a blockchain development company founded by Adam Back in 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco, U.S. Blockstream investors include Horizons Ventures, Blockchain Capital, Digital Currency Group, AXA Strategic Ventures and others. Blockstream is focused on developing Bitcoin sidechains and other blockchain-related applications. Blockstream is also one of the main funders of Bitcoin Core. Blockstream announced a plan to launch a satellite that would broadcast the full Bitcoin blockchain to eliminate the need for internet connection for the use of Bitcoin. Blockstream plans to earn fees taken for the use of the network. Blockstream is also involved in the development of the Lightning Network, writing Bitcoin advancement concepts and is the establisher of Elements Project.
Economist Jeffrey Tucker sparked a debate with prominent crypto leaders when he argued the BTC price is depressed because it hasn’t scaled.
Economist Jeffrey Tucker: ‘Can You Imagine BTC Price if it Had Scaled?’
Turner Wright
Blockstream’s Liquid Federation welcomed 10 new members — comprising notable crypto exchanges and custody providers.
Liquid Federation Announces 10 New Members
Samuel Haig
Multi-currency and futures exchange BTSE to launch the first-ever native exchange token sale based on the Liquid Network in March 2020.
BTSE to Launch Liquid Network-Powered Token Sale in March
Helen Partz
In depth
Industry experts tell Cointelegraph about the latest cryptography innovations and how they will influence the future of cryptocurrencies.
The Future of Crypto: The Latest Cryptography Advances Set to Change Blockchain
Adrian Zmudzinski
Fidelity is still looking for a Bitcoin Mining Engineer to manage its mining operation, likely referring to an installation leased from Blockstream in summer 20...
Fidelity Is Still Looking for Bitcoin Mining Engineers
Andrey Shevchenko
Adam Back talks about the details of Bitcoin's early days, his first emails with Satoshi Nakamoto and others about Bitcoin, and more.
Adam Back on Satoshi Emails, Privacy Concerns and Bitcoin's Early Days
Cassio Gusson
The crypto businessman sings praises for “uncensorable money.”
Exclusive: ‘Nothing Is Above Bitcoin, No CBDC, No Stablecoins,' Says Blockstream CEO Adam Back
Cassio Gusson
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex moved 1 .561 million USDT from the Omni Protocol to the Liquid Bitcoin sidechain.
Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Moves $1.5M of Stablecoin to Bitcoin Sidechain
Adrian Zmudzinski

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