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Bloomberg is a privately held company, focusing on financial software, data and media, and was founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. Bloomberg Terminal is Bloomberg L.P.’s core revenue-generating product, which is a software system providing users with monitoring and analyzing real-time financial market data and trades, news, and secure messaging. Bloomberg News is one of the most recognizable divisions of Bloomberg L.P., producing content and gathering news, which is broadcast through Bloomberg Terminals, television and radio. Bloomberg News is one of the most popular financial-related media platforms that was quick to recognize the potential of cryptocurrency. Today, Bloomberg cryptocurrency news has a section on the agency’s website where Bloomberg gathers both Bitcoin and altcoin news.

Markets News
The analyst also treats the latest crypto ban in China as bullish for Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar.
$60K is now more likely for Bitcoin than $20K, Bloomberg's senior strategist asserts
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
The 50-week simple moving average earlier offered incredible support for Bitcoin's long-term bullish bias, but bears convincingly took it during the June 19 sel...
$13K Bitcoin price predictions emerge with BTC falling below historic trendline
Yashu Gola
Markets News
“Bitcoin $20,000 or $100,000 in 2021? Crypto Trend Is Upward,” wrote Bloomberg senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone.
‘Discounted’ Bitcoin more likely to hit $100K than $20K in 2021, says Bloomberg analyst
Sam Bourgi
Billionaire Carl Icahn may invest up to $1.5 billion into crypto, noting that “much of the cryptocurrency issued today will not survive.”
Billionaire Carl Icahn says he may drop up to $1.5B into crypto
Brian Quarmby
Markets News
This week’s price dip showed that cryptocurrency has “entered the mainstream,” says analyst Mike McGlone, and the future is likely “tilted in its favor.”
Bitcoin in ‘discounted bull market’ unlike stocks — Bloomberg Intelligence
William Suberg
Market Analysis
The short-term investment case for Bitcoin remains intact on the prospects of rotational trading from altcoin markets.
Bye, alt season? Analysts see traders rotating back to Bitcoin after $30K ‘reset’
Yashu Gola
Apparently, r/Wallstreetbets doesn’t “bow to cryptocurrencies.”
r/Wallstreetbets rebans crypto discussions following Bloomberg article
Helen Partz
Despite apparent sentiment shifts following this week’s price dip, experts are predicting Bitcoin will potentially reach $400,000 eventually.
Crypto sentiment falls even as Bloomberg tips Bitcoin will hit $400K
Joshua Mapperson

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