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A bond is a security debt giving the owner of which the right to obtain some amount of money or other type of asset from those who originally issued the bond. Also, bonds can offer the right not to get the entire sum but rather some percentage of it. When it comes to Bitcoin and bonds, crowdfunding debts work in a particular way — they enable its holder to receive a percentage from the trading volume or other indicator made by the company which issued the bonds. Bonds can come in different forms, depending on who lends and who borrows. For instance, there are government bonds which are when a state borrows some assets that are then counted as national debt. Besides this, there are other types of bonds depending on the way they have been issued. For example, with those that are based on blockchain, bonds have developed into smart bonds — aka smart contracts.

Markets News
The bearish outlook surfaces as Bitcoin prices form a classic cup and handle pattern, now in the last stage of its maturity.
Bitcoin price is 3–4 weeks away from new $24K–$29K range, market analyst warns
Yashu Gola
European financial institutions are using pilots to make a case for the digital euro.
100M euro digital bond was a CBDC test, says Banque de France
Brian Quarmby
ETH prices have cranked 7% over the past 24 hours, outperforming big brother.
Ethereum on a high after European Investment Bank’s $121M digital bond news
Martin Young
The EIB has reportedly hired banks like Goldman Sachs and Société Générale to explore a digital bond registered and settled via blockchain.
European Investment Bank reportedly to issue bonds with blockchain tech
Helen Partz
Market Update
Fresh difficulties for BTC price action fail to dent investor enthusiasm as the battle for $55,000 support begins.
Bitcoin price dips under $55K as US bond yields touch 13-month high
William Suberg
Markets News
Investors should reduce dollar exposure, the billionaire says, as MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor describes Bitcoin as the "obvious solution."
The 'inhospitable to capitalism' US can target those ditching dollar for Bitcoin — Ray Dalio
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Bitcoin sees weakening momentum as the U.S. dollar recovers and Treasury yields rise.
Beware the ides of March: Bitcoin slumps as Treasury yields and the dollar rise again
Joseph Young
Market Update
The price of Bitcoin remains stuck in a downtrend after failing to close above $50,000.
Bitcoin traders worry as BTC price remains pinned below $50K
Allen Scott

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