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A bond is a security debt giving the owner of which the right to obtain some amount of money or other type of asset from those who originally issued the bond. Also, bonds can offer the right not to get the entire sum but rather some percentage of it. When it comes to Bitcoin and bonds, crowdfunding debts work in a particular way — they enable its holder to receive a percentage from the trading volume or other indicator made by the company which issued the bonds. Bonds can come in different forms, depending on who lends and who borrows. For instance, there are government bonds which are when a state borrows some assets that are then counted as national debt. Besides this, there are other types of bonds depending on the way they have been issued. For example, with those that are based on blockchain, bonds have developed into smart bonds — aka smart contracts.

Market Analysis
The dangers posed by stablecoins to the traditional market cannot be dismissed due to Tether’s exposure to the U.S. credit system.
$1.9T wipeout in crypto risks spilling over to stocks, bonds — stablecoin Tether in focus
Yashu Gola
“Nothing about Coinbase changed this week, we are the same company we were yesterday, or a year ago. If anything, we are in an even stronger position given our ...
Coinbase junk bonds tank amid market rout and creditors’ fears
Brian Quarmby
In the future, India’s NDSL and the Securities Board division will welcome other entities to join the decentralized network.
Indian central securities depository to back up its monitoring of bonds by blockchain
David Attlee
The DeFi revolution is a change of large magnitude, requiring a hub of offerings that reflects what users can currently find in TradFi.
Interconnected DeFi hub successfully launches first token fundraising NFT
Sarah Jansen
The wait for the long-awaited Ethereum Merge just got longer, leading analysts to discuss potential price outcomes for Ether.
Altcoin Roundup: Analysts give their take on the impact of the Ethereum Merge delay
Jordan Finneseth
“Not quite ready” — MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said that traditional financial markets aren’t prepared for bonds backed by Bitcoin.
Michael Saylor: Financial markets are ‘not quite ready’ for Bitcoin bonds
Tom Mitchelhill
El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele publicly called out Reuters for spreading “FUD” about delays in the country’s $1 billion volcano bond.
President Bukele hits out at Bitcoin Bond ‘FUD’ as CZ jets in to El Salvador
Tom Mitchelhill
Apart from delaying the issuance of Bitcoin bonds, the Salvadoran government has apparently slowed down the pace of buying new BTC as well.
El Salvador postpones Bitcoin bonds to September: Report
Helen Partz

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