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BTC-e was a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform founded in July 2011 and operated by ALWAYS EFFICIENT LLP. BTC-e allowed exchanges of various cryptocurrencies and the U.S. dollar, Russian ruble and Euro. BTC-e was famous for its minimalistic design and comfortable user experience. BTC-e has been shut down since July 2017, after the arrest of key staff members of the exchange, who were charged with being involved in money laundering schemes. BTC-e reopened as a new platform on Wex works under the fulfilment of all legal requirements, such as anti-money laundering and KYC, and currently asks users to go through a registration process. Alexander Vinnik, the suspected operator of BTC-e, is still seized and currently held in Greece, where he was captured while on vacation with his family.
Former CEO of now-defunct crypto exchange WEX, a spin-off of controversial BTC-e exchange, was arrested in Italy.
Ex-CEO of BTC-e Exchange’s Spin-Off WEX Is Arrested in Italy
Helen Partz
Iranian Bitcoin hackers used the WEX exchange to launder Bitcoin acquired through ransomware, according to a PwC report.
PwC: Bitcoin Ransomware Hackers Laundered Money via WEX Exchange
Ana Berman
Press Release
BTC-Everything is announcing the launch of a comprehensive trader platform for cryptocurrency markets. This tool boasts previously unseen levels of technical ex...
BTC-E: The First Trader Terminal/Platform for Crypto Trading
A Cyprus court has dropped the lawsuit against alleged BTC-e former operator Alexander Vinnik, with the next session scheduled for Nov. 29.
Cyprus Court Withdraws Money Laundering, Fraud Lawsuit Against Alleged BTC-e Operator
Max Yakubowski
Alleged former operator of seized crypto exchange BTC-e, Alexander Vinnik, plans to start a hunger strike on Monday.
Alleged Bitcoin Launderer Vinnik Announces Hunger Strike to ‘Get a Fair Trial’
Adrian Zmudzinski
Greek’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Russia for alleged BTC-e owner’s extradition, but the final decision will be taken Greece’s Minister of Justice.
Greek Supreme Court Rules to Extradite Alleged BTC-e Owner Alexander Vinnik to Russia
Ana Berman
Greek court rules to extradite Russian national Alexander “Mr. Bitcoin” Vinnik to France on charges of fraud and money laundering.
Greek Court Rules to Extradite Alexander Vinnik, Accused of Laundering $4 Bln in Bitcoin
Helen Partz
New Year Special
A collection of some impressive success stories of the year, as well as the profiles of people who probably wish they’d never touched Bitcoin at all.
10 Bitcoin Winners and Losers of 2017
Kayla Matthews

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