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BTC-e was a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform founded in July 2011 and operated by ALWAYS EFFICIENT LLP. BTC-e allowed exchanges of various cryptocurrencies and the U.S. dollar, Russian ruble and Euro. BTC-e was famous for its minimalistic design and comfortable user experience. BTC-e has been shut down since July 2017, after the arrest of key staff members of the exchange, who were charged with being involved in money laundering schemes. BTC-e reopened as a new platform on Wex works under the fulfilment of all legal requirements, such as anti-money laundering and KYC, and currently asks users to go through a registration process. Alexander Vinnik, the suspected operator of BTC-e, is still seized and currently held in Greece, where he was captured while on vacation with his family.
Alexander Vinnik of BTC-e fame is likely to end up in US, not Russian, custody after a Greek ruling.
Greek Supreme Court Wants to Extradite Vinnik to the US, Final Decision Pending
William Suberg
A Greek court has upheld a request to extradite alleged BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik to Russia instead of the US.
BTC-e’s Vinnik Will Go To Russia, Not US, Greek Court Rules
William Suberg
A Greek court has given permission for BTC-e ‘operator’ Alexander Vinnik to stand trial in the US, but he will appeal the decision.
Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e ‘Operator’ Vinnik Faces US Trial Unless Supreme Court Intervenes
William Suberg
Alexander Vinnik’s, presumed CEO of defunct BTC-e exchange, began his trial last Friday, faces possible extradition
BTC-e Fallguy Denies Wrongdoing as Trial Starts in Greece
Darryn Pollock
Problem-plagued exchange BTC-e reopens as WEX-nz.
Former Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Reopens as
Jon Buck
BTC-e figure Alexander Vinnik has hit back at US plans to prosecute him, offering help to Russian president Vladimir Putin.
BTC-e’s Vinnik Rejects US Judgment, Offers to Help Putin with Expertise
William Suberg
What is going on in the market of Bitcoin and Ethereum, can a classic trader profit on that, and how to open your crypto business, comments Artur Azizov, B2Brok...
Current State of Bitcoin, Ethereum Market - Tips for Classic Traders, Crypto Businesses
Guest Author
BTC-e is considering an ICO to help it repay user debts as it emerges 45% of funds are still “apprehended.”
FBICO? BTC-e Considers Debt Tokens and ICO to Repay Users
William Suberg

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