BTCChina or BTCC is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2011 and, since then, has become one of the largest platforms that is used not just for trading, but for mining as well. The company is headquartered in Shanghai. There are about 90 currency pairs available and the most popular virtual currencies there are Bitcoin and Litecoin. The main feature of the BTTC exchange is having several layouts for different operations, such as CMY Spot Exchange for working with the Chinese Yuan, BTCC Pro for trying margin trading including USD, BTCC DAX for operations with Ethereum, etc. The BTCC mining pool is a project which was founded in 2014 and now allows mining not only BTC, but also other popular cryptocurrencies. During the second part of 2017, it mined 1,824 blocks that amounted to 6,5% of all issued Bitcoin.
How restrictive regulations in China affect Ethereum Killers
Blockchain Cutting Edge Company Founder On How To Stay Legal in China
Willie Tan
Telegram messaging platform sees a surge in Bitcoin users from China setting up groups
Chinese Bitcoin Enthusiasts, Investors Flee Monitored WeChat for Telegram
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BTCChina has confirmed it will stop trading at the end of the month in response to regulatory pressure.
Breaking: Bitcoin Exchange BTCChina will Close by October
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Coinbase users are up in arms at being denied an opportunity to receive an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash which could lead to lawsuits.
Snubbing Bitcoin Cash Against Common Law May Lead to Legal Troubles for Coinbase
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Within 24 hours, Bitcoin price recorded a staggering 13 percent surge in value. The activation of SegWit will lead to a 75 percent optimization of Bitcoin block...
Bitcoin Price Breaks $2,600 As SegWit Nearly Finalized, $3,000 In Sight
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Ethereum Classic has made it onto the ‘Big Three’ Chinese exchanges as users urge a deal with Coinbase.
Ethereum Classic Comes Big To China, Becomes Best Performing Crypto On Friday
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Experts in the mainstream media are starting to see a growth in the number of investors and investment firms that have become comfortable with bitcoin and Ether...
Investors are Comfortable With Bitcoin, Ethereum: Hong Kong Experts
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The CEO of BTCC, a major Chinese Bitcoin exchange, has said that he hopes the digital curren...
BTCC Boss Bobby Lee Wants Bitcoin To Be Regulated
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