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Bter is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. The Bter cryptocurrency exchange was founded by Jinan Manwei Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2012 and the main goal was to provide secure, efficient and honest services for cryptocurrency trading. The Bter exchange provided about 100 kinds of digital currencies and two fiat currencies — USD and Chinese yuan. Bter fees were the lowest in the industry and accounted for 0.2 percent per transaction. The exchange offered an investment program which enabled users to earn from 10 percent to 12 percent, depending on the investment’s liquidity index. Bter also had an app for Android. In 2015, there was a hacking attack made on Bter. As a result, 7,170 BTC was stolen from Bter’s cold wallet.
Civic (CVC) has increased 70% overnight as trading opens on Chinese exchange BTER.
Civic Reaches New High Of $0.37 as BTER Opens Chinese Trading
William Suberg
Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Bter has resumed withdrawals, subject to a daily cap of 10 BTC.
Bitcoin Exchange Bter Resumes Withdrawals: “Good Start” for China
William Suberg
The China-based digital currency exchange platform is back online after more than 24 hours offline. It cites DNS error issue.
Chinese Back Online After Being Down For a Day
Olusegun Ogundeji
The hacker group known as DD4BC, who previously attacked and appears to be behind the hack. is also accusing CCEDK...
Notorious 'Hacker Group' Allegedly Involved In Theft, Owner Accuses CCEDK of Withholding Info
Ian DeMartino
Chinese exchange BTER loses up to US$1.75 million in cold wallet hack. Meanwhile, fiat banks may have lost over US$300 million in the last 15 months through hac...
Daily Digest: BTER Hacked, Bitcoin Core Updated
Charlie Richards
Chatlogs seem to show Bter artificially pumped Bitbay's ICO, a coin it created, with a known and admitted pump and dump group.
Chat Logs Allegedly Show Bter Creating and Pumping Its Own Coin
Ian DeMartino
This week of the Alt-Cracks brings you all the altcoin news that fell through the cracks, as well as a list of all the newly added coins.
The Alt-Cracks 10/30: XC Spends Its Premine, Nxtty Is Released, Shaq Talks Quark & More
Ian DeMartino
Cobaltskky is a growing name in the NXT community. She has been called "The Butt That Saved Bter" for her role in that exchange's negotiations
Cointelegraph Interviews Cobaltskky, 'The Butt That Saved Bter'
Ian DeMartino

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