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The Republic of Bulgaria is a southeast European country with an area of 110,000 square kilometers and a population of over seven million people. Bulgaria has a free market with a dominant private sector. The main industries of the Bulgarian economy are electricity, food products, machinery, equipment, chemical products and refined petroleum. Bulgaria is a leading country of Balkan region in terms of IT and scientific development. Bulgarian Bitcoin regulations are not specific. The authorities of Bulgaria don’t consider Bitcoin to be legal tender and don’t regulate it. Bulgaria has a Bitcoin tax that is 10 percent of profit made with Bitcoin. Bulgarian Bitcoin mining is also unregulated. However, Bulgarian banks and authorities are not welcoming to cryptocurrencies. In late 2017, Bulgarian banks blocked the Bitcoin exchanges’ accounts that were opened in the country, and in May 2017, a series of raids performed by law enforcement of Bulgaria seized over 213,000 Bitcoin.
The OneCoin offices and other associated companies were raided by Bulgarian and EU police on Jan. 17, 18.
Bulgarian Police Raids OneCoin Offices, ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Servers Shut Down
Molly Jane Zuckerman
A Bulgarian University is offering bursaries in Bitcoin in 2018.
Bitcoin Bursary in Bulgarian University
Gareth Jenkinson
Bulgaria has seized enough Bitcoin to pay off ⅕ of their national debt.
Bulgaria Seizes Enough Bitcoin to Pay Off 1/5 of National Debt
Gareth Jenkinson
Bulgarian banks fear cryptocurrency risks, blocking bank accounts of major crypto exchanges.
Bulgarian Banks Block Accounts of Crypto Exchanges
Olivia Capozzalo
Do OneCoin leaders enter underground circles in Bulgaria and threaten people, if they search the truth? A source inside the company itself gives new information...
OneCoin: A Voice From Inside Hints To Underground Bulgarian Society
Marco E. G. Maltese
Bitcoin regulations in Europe.
Legal Basics: Owning and Using Bitcoin in Europe
Armand Tanzarian
Sofia, Bulgaria – On April 2, the Bulgarian Tax Service published an assessment on crypto-currencies.
Bulgaria recognizes Bitcoin as Currency
Allen Scott

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