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Butterfly Labs is a company that produces platforms for cryptocurrency mining. The development of Bitcoin mining all over the world has led many companies to develop and produce specialized equipment that would speed up the process of block discovery and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, in 2013, the company produced the Butterfly Labs Bitcoin miner they named ASIC, whose popularity has grown rapidly. Currently, Butterfly Labs ASICs are produced by many other companies. However, in 2014, there was a large conflict about Butterfly Labs’ products quality and their delivery, as many people received their purchases long after they had made the order or didn’t get them at all. This led to lawsuits and a U.S. Federal Trade Commission investigation after which the company was closed down. Nevertheless, the company’s future still remains unknown.
Bitcointalk administrator “theymos,” aka Michael Marquadt announced that the government has subpoenaed the site for access to PMs relating to the much maligned ...
US Government Subpoenas Bitcointalk for PMs, Affecting 600 Users
Ian DeMartino
Butterfly Labs argued successfully in court yesterday that the order to remain closed had irreparably harmed their company, convincing the Judge to agree to all...
Butterfly Labs to Reopen Under Court Oversight
Carlo C
Bitcoin hardware wallets are an area of digital currency security still very much in its experimental phase. Developers are striving to offer the most advanced ...
Who Will Keep You Safe? A Comparison of Bitcoin Wallets That Aren’t Digital
William Suberg
As happens in all brand-spanking-new industries, the first actors who come to market aren’t vetted yet. The vast majority of merchants in the cryptocurrency spa...
Butterfly Labs vs. Robogate: A Revealing Case Study in Justice
Amanda B. Johnson
Recently, it became big news that the Federal government sued and temporarily shut down the notorious bitcoin mining company, Butterfly Labs, but a federal judg...
Judge Allows Butterfly Labs To Reopen And Perform ‘Limited’ Operations
Sophie Shuhcmacher
One of the most notorious bitcoin companies around will finally be facing legal consequences.
Butterfly Labs Finally Has Wings Clipped UPDATED: Butterfly Labs Responds
Ian DeMartino
The long beleaguered and often criticized Butterfly Labs has purchased the humorous Bitcoin centric blog/spoof site Buttcoin.org.
Tired Of Being the Butt of Jokes, Butterfly Labs Buys Critical Website
Ian DeMartino
Cointelegraph asks a multitude of companies that were at Bitcoin 2014 what were their aims for the expo.
A Journey through Bitcoin 2014
Alice Hortrex

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