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Butterfly Labs is a company that produces platforms for cryptocurrency mining. The development of Bitcoin mining all over the world has led many companies to develop and produce specialized equipment that would speed up the process of block discovery and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, in 2013, the company produced the Butterfly Labs Bitcoin miner they named ASIC, whose popularity has grown rapidly. Currently, Butterfly Labs ASICs are produced by many other companies. However, in 2014, there was a large conflict about Butterfly Labs’ products quality and their delivery, as many people received their purchases long after they had made the order or didn’t get them at all. This led to lawsuits and a U.S. Federal Trade Commission investigation after which the company was closed down. Nevertheless, the company’s future still remains unknown.
The saga of miner manufacturer Butterfly Labs’ troubles continues for its alleged failure to fulfill orders and use of customers’ prepaid machines, and the scal...
Butterfly Labs: $1 Million Owed and no End in Sight
Cyril Gilson
While the storm over Mt. Gox is far from over, now Butterfly Labs’ mining equipment saga is joining the party.
Butterfly Labs loses wings in court over more Bitcoin fraud
Cyril Gilson
The Streamin’ Garage production center in collaboration and under sponsorship of Butterfly Labs is going to give away massive sums in Bitcoin in an online live ...
“Take My Bitcoins” from Butterfly Labs Live
Sascha Carroll
BitcoinExpo China 2014 will be a three-day conference and exposition in September in Shanghai. According to event organizers, “It aims to provide the bridge for...
Bitcoin Expo 2014 planned for Shanghai
Armand Tanzarian
If you want to start mining for digital currencies then you might consider not buying them from eBay or retailers but to make a purchase from the manufacturers ...
Mining Rig are More Expensive on eBay
Alexander Black
New Bitcoin services and merchants, officially published governmental issues and warnings, advertisements on meetings and conferences are the decisive and bigge...
Butterfly Labs Complete Backlogs with a Beck of Wing
Andrew Marshall
The biggest deal to be performed by the BitPay was a single payment for the work of the Butterfly Labs, considering the production of hardware for bitcoin minin...
The Biggest Bitcoin Deal in History of BitPay

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